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The Risk Of Death From Spinal Injury In White Collar Jobs

Globally, work-related deaths average 2.5 million a year,  according to statistics by the International Labor Organization. The figure includes high-risk occupations in the security services, law enforcement, and industrial sectors. Including white-collar workers in the headcount, on the other hand, may seem too far-fetched. Or is it? Studies have shown that people working 9 to Read More…

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A Closer Look at the Small-Ticket Equipment Finance Market

According to the late 2018 accounts of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association or ELFA, about a third of the approximately one-trillion-dollar equipment finance/leasing market in the United States is from small-ticket financing efforts. This segment of the market is called ‘small ticket’ because transactions cost $25,000 to $250,000 each. With that, it is worth Read More…