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The Reason For Killing Iranians

While US sanctions technically permit Iran to import medicines, it is actually just a ruse to make it look like US officials are kind, compassionate, and benevolent. In actuality, the way the sanctions work will mean that the Iranian people will inevitably be deprived of much-needed medicines. That’s because the US extends its sanctions system Read More…

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Iran’s Leadership Must Decide “If They Want Their People To Eat” – Pompeo

Less than a week after US Secretary of State Secretary Mike Pompeo told Fox News Sunday that the “Iranians are responsible for the starvation’ of Yemeni civilians” he’s again issued hugely provocative words, telling the BBC during an interview that Iranian “leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat” in reference to the latest round of US Read More…

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France Vows To Protect Iran Against US Acting As World’s “Trade Policeman”

France has vowed to fulfill plans to defy the US’ sanctions on Iran while increasing the international role of the euro in order to prevent Washington from acting as the world’s “trade policeman”. France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, told the British newspaper Financial Times that Europe is planning the formation of a special Read More…

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U.S. Planning To Impose Sanctions On Iranian, Russian Companies Involved In Reconstruction Of Syria

The Trump administration is developing a new strategy to deal with the growing Iranian and Russian influence in Syria, NBC News reported on October 16 citing defense officials. According to the report, the new plan will include a further increase of political, economic and diplomatic efforts to force Iran out of Syria and to punish Read More…

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After UN Top Court Rules In Favor Of Iran, Pompeo Terminates Decades-Old Treaty

The drums of war are beating over Iran and Syria as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday morning responded to the United Nations’ top court ordering the US to lift sanctions on “humanitarian” goods to Iran. Pompeo made a series of threatening statements targeting Iran as well as Syria, which also comes after the latter received delivery Read More…

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Trump To Saudi King: Pay Up For US Military Protection

Frustrated by the Saudi refusal to increase oil production by two million barrels per day, President Trump said at a rally yesterday that absent US military protection the Saudi government would not last two weeks. He said the Saudis should “pay up” if they want to remain in charge. Why are oil prices going up? Read More…