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The “Most Transparent Administration in History” Spent $36 Million to Avoid Being Transparent In 2016

Remember former President Barack Obama’s repeated promise that his administration would be transparent? Well, it turns out the “most transparent administration in history” spent a heck of a lot of money to avoid being transparent. According to a new analysis by the Associated Press, the Obama administration spent a record $36.2 million on legal costs Read More…

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The CIA Vs. The Presidency: This Is Not The First Time

In 1947, the president of the United States, Harry Truman, decided: I’m going to create a snake and call it the CIA. Its watchword will be secrecy. It will collect secrets of our enemies and hold them secret and report the secrets to the president, who will decide what to do. Of course, the snake Read More…

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Political Change is a Long and Difficult Road, But Will You Stay the Course?

As we begin this new era of the American Experiment, let us not forget the tremendous failure that was the Obama presidency; as he failed to bring about the lofty ideals of “hope and change” so elegantly preached from on-high, by which many were inspired. Instead, he won the Nobel Peace Prize while persecuting more whistleblowers Read More…

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Obama Wants A Third Term And This Is How He Could Make It Happen

Yes, we are all well aware the Constitution limits the Presidency to two consecutive four-year terms of office.  Then again, if you weigh the track record of the Obama administration, the Constitution is nothing more than a challenge that he bypasses and circumvents with every given opportunity.  Small wonder that he may very well do Read More…

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Key GOP Donors Still Reject Trump’s Candidacy

Ironically, even though Donald Trump is gaining more and more support among Republicans, there is still one thing that may stand in his way of getting elected: money. That’s right – despite the fact that Trump is exceedingly wealthy, many Republican financial backers refuse to support him, which could mean he won’t be able to Read More…