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Our Perception Of Leadership Needs To Change If We Are To Change The World

“Poor leaders push us towards the goal. Great leaders guide us along the journey.” – Simon Sinek When we think of world leaders, what often comes to mind? According to Forbes, the top ten qualities a good leader are honesty, delegation, communication, confidence, commitment, a positive attitude, creativity, intuition, the ability to inspire and being approachable. Read More…

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Pedophilia At The Highest Levels Of Power: Sidestepping Distraction, Focusing On The True Problem

Much has changed in recent years, whereas topics that once might have been wholly disregarded and deemed crazy, are now being openly discussed by the same outlets that once openly called them fake, or illegitimate. And now with no sense of irony, and not even a hint of humility or recognition that they might have Read More…

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“We Are Transferring Power Back To The People” – Trump’s Full Inaugural Speech

In an inaugural speech that appealed to the core tenets preached during his presidential campaign, tinged with an overtone of palpable anger and a suggestion of protectionism, Trump addressed the core promises that brought him into the White House, and vowed to bring back jobs, fortify America’s borders and restore America’s wealth, while transferring power Read More…

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Snowden on Trump: Stop Putting So Much Faith And Fear In Presidents — We Must Be the Change

During a recent live stream interview, Edward Snowden was asked multiple different times about his thoughts on the results of the US election and each time in different ways he explained how the president does not really matter that much when it comes to policy. When asked about the election, Snowden said: “This is the Read More…

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Anarcho-Capitalism: The Philosophical Structure for a New Society?

Power – the amount of control one has over the ability to act on something. Power is held at the individual level or in groups, and can be manifested internally or externally. Power can also be attained through individual action or collective action. For example, a person or group could acquire power internally from within Read More…