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Orlando Shooter’s True Motive Finally Revealed, but Why Did the FBI Try to Hide It?

Months after Omar Mateen’s deeply distressing mass shooting spree in Orlando, which took the lives of 49 innocent people, the full transcripts of his phone calls with emergency services and police have been released. The records of his exchanges with authorities reveal not only his obvious mental instability and inner-turmoil but also provide insight into why the Read More…

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What Are They Hiding? FBI Tells Florida Cops To Deny Public Records Requests On Orlando Attack

A letter revealed by the Orlando Sentinel shows the FBI requested law enforcement agencies who responded to and investigated the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub to withhold information from the public. A letter from the FBI dated June 20 attached to a lawsuit brought by the City of Orlando seeking the release of 911 calls Read More…

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How Politicians Capitalized on the Orlando Shooting to Take Away Your Rights

Politicians now typically respond to major tragedies with an outpouring of … opportunistic agenda-pushing. This disgusting penchant for capitalizing on the public’s grief and fear — evidenced in the nefarious USA PATRIOT Act following the attacks of 9/11 — has, of course, surfaced on multiple fronts after the massacre in Orlando. While the nation mourned Read More…

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Mass Shooting Myth — U.S. Homicide Rate Hits 51-year Low as Gun Ownership Increased 141%

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, politicians have attempted to use the tragedy as means of garnering public support for increased gun control measures. Four pieces of knee-jerk gun control legislation were defeated in Congress yesterday, but the debate surrounding gun rights continues unabated. The new narrative is that “mass shootings,” defined by Read More…

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Cognitive Dissonance: The Manipulation of a Nation

The idea of a false flag in this country has been carefully deconstructed and reassembled into something out of a science fiction novel; something that is perceived to be so unbelievable that those confronted with evidence to the contrary literally choose to ignore its presence by categorizing it as “conspiracy theory.” This ensures that those Read More…

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5 Things the Establishment Slipped By You While Focusing Solely On the Orlando Shooting

After any major tragedy, we develop an obsessive need to analyze, debate, and argue every conceivable aspect of what’s taken place — as if time stops. That tragedy dominates mainstream and, often, independent media headlines for days or weeks, exhaustively positing theory after theory until the public begins to lose interest. But tragedy doesn’t occur Read More…