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Gaza Under Israeli Attack, Yemen Death Toll Over 100,000, US Arms Sales Up 13% & US’ Afghan Opium

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/12/18). Today is Veterans Day, and in my eyes there is no better day to honor the sacrifice of so many by taking the quintessentially American action of Read More…

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As The US Spent $1.5 Million A Day To “Fight” Afghan Heroin Production, Heroin Output Quadrupled

For 16 years, the US has dumped $1.5 million a day into Afghanistan to fight heroin production and in that time, heroin production has more than quadrupled. On November 5 yet another US soldier was killed by a member of Afghanistan’s military forces, as the country continues to be wracked by violence in its seventeenth year of Read More…

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New Study Highlights Devastating Global Effects Of War On Drugs

An International group has called for a major rethink of global policy on narcotics and an end to the failed efforts that governments refuse to relinquish. Another major study designed to assess how national governments wage their so-called “war on drugs” shows that the last ten years of such policies have not only failed to Read More…

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The Secret Lie That Started The Afghan War

How did the war in Afghanistan start? And how did NATO become involved in this conflict? These details are never discussed because they have for nearly two decades been hidden behind a shroud of secrecy. But now, after nearly two decades of lies, the remarkable truth about the secret documents that helped launch the Afghan war can Read More…

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Death Of A Nation: Drug Overdose Deaths Jump To Record 72,000 Last Year

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates drug overdose deaths based on a current flow of mortality data from the National Vital Statistics System has just reached a record of 71,568 Americans in 2017. That is a 6.6 percent jump in overdose deaths over 2016 and represents a rapid deterioration of America’s inner core: The middle class. Read More…

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Despite 17 Years Of War, US Commander In Afghanistan Warns Against Pullout

Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Lt. Gen. Austin Scott Miller claimed that he was seeing “progress” in the US war in Afghanistan. He admitted, however, that 17 years of war “is a very long time.” Lt. Gen. Miller is nominated to be the latest in a long line of commanders for the occupation Read More…