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Judge Tells Jury God Wants Not-Guilty Verdict In Child Trafficking Trail

A Texas state district judge reportedly told a jury that God asked him to direct them to a not-guilty verdict in a child trafficking case they were deliberating on. Judge Jack Robison interrupted jurors’ deliberations to say God had been in touch, and told him the jury panel should not convict 32-year-old Gloria Elizabeth Romero Perez, Read More…

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Jury Finds Woman NOT Guilty Of “Manufacturing Drugs” Because The Cannabis She Grew Was Medicine

In a state where medical and recreational cannabis is still completely prohibited, a jury found Bridget Kirouac not guilty of cultivating cannabis plants. This heartening example of jury nullification is yet another indication that public opinion is firmly on the side of medical cannabis — and government’s war on drugs is being rejected. Years ago, Kirouac Read More…