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The Forgotten Legacy Of George H.W. Bush That The Media Won’t Tell You About

On Friday November 30th, former President George H.W. Bush passed away at the age of ninety-four, according to a statement released by his friends and family. Statement by the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, on the passing of his father this evening at the age 94. pic.twitter.com/oTiDq1cE7h — Jim McGrath (@jgm41) Read More…

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Seven Years After NATO Overthrew Gaddafi In Libya, Western-Backed Gov Begs For Another Intervention

The current situation in Libya and the GNA’s recent plea should serve as a cautionary tale regarding the inefficacy of NATO-backed and UN-backed regime-change operations, which have left nothing but chaos and failed states in their wake. TRIPOLI, LIBYA — A month of violent in-fighting in Libya’s capital has prompted the “official” government of Libya to call for Read More…

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US Congress Set To Fund New Low-Yield Nuclear Warhead

There had been a long fight with fiery speeches, long-winded discussions presenting opposing views, publications and statements in support of “resolute steps” on the one hand as well as the calls for carefully weighing pros and cons on the other. Finally, the concept of “racing headlong into the unknown” has prevailed. On May 23, the US House Read More…

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Bolton’s Past Advocacy For Israel At US Expense Heralds Dangerous New Era In Geopolitics

Notorious war hawk John Bolton – who has long been vying for a position in Trump’s administration – has been especially eager to work with a president with minimal foreign policy knowledge or experience, allowing him maximum effect in achieving his policy goals. This article is Part I of a series exploring the soon-to-be National Read More…

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‘Deep State’ CIA Veterans Finding New Homes In Mainstream Media

“Former CIA director John Brennan has become the latest member of the NBC News and MSNBC family, officially signing with the network as a contributor,” chirps a recent article by The Wrap, as though that’s a perfectly normal thing to have to write and not a ghastly symptom of an Orwellian dystopia. NBC reports that the former head of Read More…

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Iran Protests Go Violent – Color Revolution Becoming More Likely

Despite being nowhere near the scale of the 2009 Green Movement color revolution, the recent Iranian protests have nonetheless captured the attention of the world. The questions surrounding the protests are legion but the chief among them are whether or not they are legitimate organic Iranian sentiment or whether they are a Western-backed color revolution Read More…