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America Is Quietly Expanding Its War In Tunisia

The first documented U.S. direct military engagement in Tunisia since World War II has largely passed unnoticed… Last month, a U.S. Africa Command spokesperson confirmed in a Task & Purpose report that Marine Corps Raiders were involved in a fierce battle in 2017 in an unnamed North African country, where they fought beside partner forces against militants of Al Qaeda in the Read More…

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The Israeli Plan To Capitalize On Syria’s Civil War

Israel has revealed a new plan to help rebuild war-torn Syria – with the ultimate goal of securing massive stores of natural resources. The plan would rely on significant investment from the U.S., a financial burden that will likely fall hardest on the shoulders of the American public. When the United States or any other Read More…

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A Forgotten Continent: The Hidden Truths of Africa

“The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it.” – George Kimble What does the world really know about Africa? In the West, if you were to turn on the T.V., you would be hard pressed to find any news coverage regarding Africa other than starving children, political chaos, and exotic wild life. Read More…