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24 Civilians, Including Children, Killed In Yemen By US-Backed Saudi/UAE Airstrikes With US-Made Bombs

Reports coming in from Hussain Albukhaiti on the ground in Yemen are confirming that 21 civilian lives have been taken due to a US-backed airstrike on Okra Okro farm in Beit al-Faqih, East Hodeida, and 3 more civilians including a child were killed with a US-made MK 82 bomb in Hodeida City. While the majority Read More…

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US Bombs, Saudi Blockade & Manufactured Starvation – The Truth About Yemen w/ Hussain Albukhaiti

Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to ignore and obfuscate the ongoing genocide of the Yemeni people — being carried out by the US-backed Saudi coalition — the work on the ground from within Yemen by actual investigative journalists, such as my guest today Hussain Albukhaiti, has forced the world to pay attention; it has Read More…