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FBI Arrests All Five New Mexico “Jihad Compound” Suspects

The last time the FBI was found to have been surveilling radical Islamic terrorists in the Southwest was May 2015, when an undercover FBI agent was caught driving with and filming two armed Jihadis about to carry out an attack. The radicals were killed by police, while the FBI agent – on record encouraging the Read More…

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FBI Foils Own Manufactured Terror Event, Unaccountable Government & A Revolution… Of The Mind

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/4/18). Unquestioningly supporting the actions of your government, is not patriotism, that is subservience. And saying so does not dishonor all the men and women, who were deceived Read More…

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Mainstream Media Admits FBI Groomed Terrorist For 4th Of July Attack, Gave Him Supplies

The FBI arrested a man for his involvement in plotting an Independence Day terrorist attack, after providing him with the supplies. Cleveland, Ohio – (TFTP) An innocent man is now facing terrorism charges after he was caught plotting a bombing at a Fourth of July celebration and then arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read More…

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Parkland School Shooting: Top 10 Reasons for Deeper Interrogation

Over the past several years certain certain US mass shootings receive round-the-clock coverage yet often possess curious features which are ignored and merely accepted “as reported” by less-than-trustworthy corporate media. Bizarre circumstance and the sometimes inexplicable actions of officials, victims, eyewitnesses and would-be culprits give rise to concern that government agencies and news media act Read More…

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Confirmed: “Draw Mohammed” Contest Attackers Were Managed By FBI

To some the 2015 shooting in Garland Texas at a “Draw Mohammed” contest organized by state-sponsored agitators seemed all too convenient. The protest was meant to prove Muslims were irrational and violent, and amid the protest two armed men did indeed attack, both killed by police who were already on the scene. The event was Read More…