White Helmets
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Syrian White Helmets Request Additional Evacuations To Al-Qaeda-held Idlib Province

The request to transfer the remaining White Helmets in Southern Syria to Idlib comes on the heels of a warning by Russia that the White Helmets in that province were planning a chemical weapons attack to be blamed on the Syrian government. DAMASCUS, SYRIA — After over 400 members of the Syrian White Helmets were evacuated Read More…

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U.S.-Led Coalition Using Idlib Chemical Attack As Pretext For War In Syria

A deadly chemical attack was carried out in northwestern Syria’s Idlib Province, killing at least 58 people. The United States and its allies have been quick to blame Syria’s government for orchestrating the attack, despite a significant lack of proof. (MPN) After an unsuccessful attempt to blame the Syrian government for a 2013 gas attack Read More…

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US Plan “C” In Syria: Make “al-Qaeda Central” The New Capital

In reality, even before Syria’s conflict began unfolding in 2011, the United States had been planning for the nation’s division and destruction through the use of militant proxies allied to al-Qaeda since as early as 2007. Like Libya, Syria was meant to be swiftly overwhelmed by covert terrorism and military operations backed by the West Read More…