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US, France, UK: New Threats Against Assad, Accuse Syrian Government Of Chemical Attacks Against Civilians

Militant groups are constantly violating the ceasefire regime in the Idlib de-escalation zone, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation said in a statement on August 21. According to the statement, the ceasefire were violated in at least 17 villages and settlements in western Aleppo, northern Latakia and northern Hama. The Center also said that Hayat Tahrir Read More…

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New “Humanitarian” Tech Program In Syria “Invented” By Former State Dep’t, Arab Spring Participants

It’s been a few months since mainstream media has presented its audience with a State Department super hero acting as a “humanitarian” in Syria. But, never to disappoint, Andrew Gold of Wired as well as a host of other writers (at the same time) have been extolling the virtues of three new tech heroes who have designed Read More…

Moderate Rebels
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UK Finally Ditches “Moderate Rebels” Ahead Of Syrian Army Advance On Idlib

CNN warns that Syrian and Russian forces are closing in on the “last rebel stronghold” in Syria while characteristically failing to inform its readers that the “rebel” coalition in control of the northwest pocket of Idlib is but the latest incarnation of al-Qaeda, calling itself Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.  With the final major battle looming which could mark the ultimate Read More…

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Alliance Between Syria And YPG Deepens Ahead Of Idlib Offensive, Provoking An Unpredictable Turkey

The YPG’s participation in the upcoming Idlib offensive on the side of the Syrian government would essentially cement its realignment in the Syrian conflict, greatly weakening the U.S.’ justification for its continued military presence in Syria, while also potentially provoking an increasingly unpredictable Turkey. ALEPPO, SYRIA — With military forces from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Read More…

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The Last Bus To Idlib: Terrorist Safe-Haven In Syria About To Face A Cleaning Out

One by one, all other areas in Syria under terrorist control have fallen, and now the final battle for Idlib looms large on the horizon. IDLIB, SYRIA (Analysis) — Green city buses have delivered their last passengers to Idlib. In a recurring pattern across Syria, at the end of every battle in which Syrian government forces won Read More…

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Assad Wins: Voting With Their Feet, Syrians Come Home

With the Syrian army’s liberation of the southwest complete, there remains just a single province in control of ISIS and al-Qaeda in the country. The “bloodbath” that the “experts” warned about if Assad regained control not only did not come to pass, but tens and hundreds of thousands of Syrians are returning home. Once the Read More…