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Mainstream Media Has Devolved Into A Carousel Of Speculation And Distraction

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/14/18). It continually astounds me that anyone can look at what mainstream media puts out and still think they are getting the whole picture, especially with all that Read More…

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Russia Threatens Military Action Against US If Washington Strikes Syria

While mystery still surrounds the statement by now-former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who on Monday – when he already knew he was fired – said that Moscow is “clearly” behind the poisoning of Russian double-agent Skripal in the UK and that the Russian action would “trigger a response,” and whether this was a tacit defiance of Trump Read More…

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UN Feigns Outrage Over Ghouta While Terrorist Rockets Rain Down On Damascus

Eva Bartlett breaks down the dizzying array of information surrounding the mounting humanitarian crisis in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta. With accusations abound, parsing the reality on the ground is becoming more challenging by the day. GHOUTA, SYRIA — On February 20, from Amman, Jordan, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Geert Cappelaere, issued a Read More…