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Leaked Emails Reveal White House Intervened To Suppress Hillary Scandal

Last October, about 6 months after the New York Times first revealed the existence of the Hillary Clinton private email server, President Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” and denied any and all knowledge of her potentially illegal technology arrangements.  When asked point blank whether he knew about Hillary’s private email server, Obama responded, quite simply, Read More…

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Wikileaks Releases Smoking Gun Email Proving Once and For All Clinton is Lying Through Her Teeth

WikiLeaks appears to have found the smoking-gun email proving almost inarguably Hillary Clinton broke the law — but not necessarily simply because she used the now-infamous private email server.  “Is this the email the FBI’s star exhibit against Hillary Clinton (“H”)?” WikiLeaks tweeted Tuesday night. Is this email the FBI’s star exhibit against Hillary Clinton (“H”)? https://t.co/MsKTZUJdHB pic.twitter.com/VkeA6X7Bkx — Read More…

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FBI to Interrogate Clinton Over Email Scandal – Possibly Before California Primary

Late Thursday night, it was announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is likely to interview Hilary Clinton in the next few weeks about her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state and the subsequent leakage of top secret information. Officials noted that they have already begun interviewing some of her aides. Read More…