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US Revives Debunked Conspiracy Theories About Russia Hacking The Electrical Grid

While they always stopped short of official allegations in the past, US officials have, since 2016, repeatedly insinuated that Russia had been trying to hack the US electrical grid. Thursday, the Trump Administration directly made those allegations for the first time. This new report appears to be timed to come out with new US sanctions against Russia, Read More…

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$600 Million in CIA Funds at Work? WaPo Runs Another Fake Story on Russia Hacking US Power Grid

Anti-Russia and disinformation hysteria has reached new heights, and — after the Obama administration announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S., among other retributions for an ostensibly hacked election — the Washington Post continued its foray into Fake News with an article suggesting Kremlin actors hacked the electrical grid in Vermont. Perhaps because the Read More…