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Israeli Navy Stops Boat From Evacuating Wounded Civilians For Medical Treatment

The Israeli Navy was dispatched Tuesday to stop a boat which departed the Gaza Strip, and which was carrying injured Palestinian civilians. The boat intended to take the injured civilians from border protests to Cyprus for medical treatment. The Navy stopped the boat, surrounding it and towing it to an Israeli naval base at Ashdod. The Read More…

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EU Proposes Freezing Bank Accounts To Bailout Megabanks

After nervous customers panicked and drained their accounts, ultimately causing the collapse of Spanish bank, Banco Popular, equally jittery European Union officials are debating the merits of freezing access — preventing anyone from withdrawing any money — at the first sign of a bank run. Proponents claim measures to halt a rush of withdrawals would Read More…

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Henry Kissinger: “The Illegal We Do Immediately; the Unconstitutional Takes a Little Longer”

A recent tweet from WikiLeaks, flashing a declassified transcript from their archive, “Public Library of US Diplomacy,” revealed a brief moment on March 10th of 1975 that is well worth sharing. On this occasion, Henry Kissinger and the cast of ambassadors assigned to delegate the economic relations between the United States and the Republic of Read More…