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174 Heroin Overdoses in Six Days in One City: What You’re Not Being Told

Over the course of six days in mid-August, 174 people overdosed on heroin in Cincinnati, Ohio. Earlier this month, 26 residents of Cabell County, West Virginia shared the same fate in a four-hour span. And between May and July of 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky, the number of heroin and opioid overdoses tripled. As increased opioid use and Read More…

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Officer Faces Discipline for Calling for Peace and Urging Black Men to be Cautious Around Cops

Amid highly strained relations between police and civilians around the country, a Cincinnati Police officer has come under fire — and may face disciplinary action — for posts online attempting honest conversation about racism inside the nation’s law enforcement departments. Officer Freddie Vincent wrote on social media, among other things, that white police officers are,  Read More…