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The Next Prescription Drug Epidemic Is Already Here — And Nobody’s Talking About It

For years, the opioid addiction and overdose crisis has been headline news across the United States, and rightly so. In 2012, 241,000 privately insured patients had an “opioid dependency diagnosis.” By 2016, that number had ballooned to 1.4 million, not including individuals on state-sponsored healthcare. Also in 2016, over 14,000 people died as a result of overdosing on Read More…

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Scientific Study Shows How Pharmaceutical Drugs Can Impair Empathetic Social Behavior and Damage the Brain

Neuroscientists at University of Chicago released a study earlier this month showing the relationship that benzodiazepines have with decreased empathetic social behavior. This is a symptom that has been reported for a long time by users, but is very poorly understood by the medical community as a classifiable symptom. The study at hand was conducted Read More…