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New Report Reveals Involvement Of 7,000 UK personnel In Saudi-Led Bombing Of Yemen

While criticism leveled against the U.K. government for its involvement in Yemen has focused on the country’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, newly published government documents reveal that the U.K.’s complicity in the conflict runs much deeper. LONDON – While criticism leveled against the U.K. government for its involvement in Yemen has focused on the country’s arms Read More…

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US State Department Approves $3.8 Billion In Arms Sales To Bahrain

The US State Department has approved $3.8 billion in weapons sales to the tiny island nation of Bahrain. The Pentagon confirmed the approval and the State Department has notified Congress, who held up a similar sale last year over Bahrain’s many, many human rights problems. The $3.8 billion sale is almost entirely going to Lockheed Read More…

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Coincidence? Military Industrial Complex Hit Highest Stock Prices Ever As Govt Hypes North Korea War

Feckless boasts of military might and icy vows to annihilate one another might not necessarily prove war between the U.S., North Korea, and their allies is nigh, but the monumental increase in stocks of weapons and defense manufacturers — the economic fingerprints a preparation for a colossal military endeavor — just might. “North Korea best not make Read More…

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YouTube Censors Video Showing US Airdropping Weapons Into ISIS’ Hands

Another YouTube video has been censored on the grounds that it violated the platform’s Community Guidelines—but the removal of this video does not protect viewers from nudity or crude language. Instead, it ‘protects’ viewers from the reality of United States foreign policy. Alternative geopolitical analyst Mimi Al Laham, who goes by the name “Partisan Girl,” Read More…

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Spreading The Patriotism: U.S. Sells Patriot Missiles To Several East European Nations

The United States in the last week has initiated Patriot missile sales to multiple East European and Baltic countries, as well as deployed the missile system in Lithuania for NATO war game exercises. “The deployment of Patriots is important because it demonstrates that such moves are no longer a taboo in the region,” Lithuanian Defense Read More…

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Global Arms Sales Paint Chilling Picture of World at War

Global sales of major arms systems have risen over the past five years to the highest volume since the end of the Cold War, according to the Stockholm International Peace Institute’s (SIPRI) annual report on arms sales. SIPRI, an international institute that researches “conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament,” said on Monday that more weapons were Read More…