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Three Unelected Men Just Overrode The Will Of 83% Of The US Population

The five-member Federal Communications Commission has voted three to two to repeal net neutrality regulations. The three men who cast their votes in favor of repeal were Republicans Ajit Pai, Brendan Carr, and Michael O’Rielly. You did not elect any of these men. Prior to today you might not have even known the names of two Read More…

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The Trump Distraction: Seth Rich, Net Neutrality And A Saudi Arabian America

When taxation is forced, one cannot say they live in a free country. Taxation is not optional in this country, therefore this country is not free. Bottom line. If one decides not to pay their taxes, they are threatened with violence and/or prison if they don’t pay. That is point-blank extortion. And since it is Read More…

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Massive Corporate Consolidation of Local News Underway

In a deal that will allow one broadcasting company to reach 72 percent of U.S. households through ownership of local news stations, it was reported this week that Sinclair Broadcast Group is buying Tribune Media for nearly $4 billion. Such a move wouldn’t have been possible a few weeks back, but Donald Trump’s new Federal Read More…