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Devastated That Trump Is President? You May Have a Dangerous Reliance On The State

The inauguration is behind us now, but many – millions, it seems – are still immersed in fear, anguish, and grief over the reality of President Donald Trump. #NotMyPresident is still a very active hashtag on Twitter. People are already calling for impeachment, claiming Trump’s presidency is “illegitimate”. Celebrities (I refuse to mention them by name Read More…

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How To Break Free From The System

Revolution. The word itself is deeply tied to the very foundation on which this nation was built. It is the safeguard of any citizenry within a true democratic republic; and point of fact, is an American constitutional right. Now let’s be clear, the idea of a revolution by force, is asinine. Even if such a Read More…

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An Introduction To Permaculture And Its Symbiotic Relationship With Agorism

One of the focuses of The Last American Vagabond has been to not only properly diagnose all the problems facing humanity at this current juncture, which undoubtedly is important, but also to evolve past that by discussing solutions to these problems. In the end, what’s the point of understanding all these problems, if the alternative Read More…

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Dear Government, Deliver Us From Freedom

Freedom. Terrible, terrible freedom. It’s almost like people are naturally inclined to seek it out. And if you’re not careful, it can pop up anywhere. Take this “Peer-to-peer economy” that the plebs are talking about these days. They actually want to trade products and services directly, without going through the transnational corporate slave structure that Read More…

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Agorism And How To Change The System Directly With Derrick Broze

Understanding the problems facing humanity is incredibly important if we are to change the world. How can you change the world if you don’t understand the full scope of the problem? The answer is you can’t, and the alternative media has done a great job of unmasking the litany of problems we must conquer if we are to see Read More…