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DNC Lawyer Scrambles To Block Evidence From Hidden Laptop Tied To Wasserman Schultz

A lawyer for former DNC IT staffer Imran Awan is scrambling to block evidence found on a hidden laptop which may contain proof of a massive spy ring operating at the highest levels of Congress, in what may be the largest breach of National Security in U.S. history. Awan, a Pakistani national, worked for dozens of Democratic members of Congress Read More…

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Zimbabwe: Domestic Rivalries, US-China Competition Underlie Political Crisis

The political turmoil in Zimbabwe is a product of both domestic factional rivalries and broader international political intrigue. Don’t let the corporate media impose its usual superficial narrative on the events in Zimbabwe; as with all things Africa, there’s so much more than meets the eye. On November 14, 2017 military forces in Zimbabwe took Read More…

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NSA Whistleblower Told CIA Director DNC Leak Was Inside Job, Not Russian Hack

CIA Director Mike Pompeo reportedly met with NSA whistleblower William Binney for an hour at CIA headquarters on October 24 at the request of US President Donald Trump. Binney disputes US intelligence claims over Russian hacking of DNC emails in 2016. Binney is of the belief that someone “with physical access” inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Read More…

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Donna Brazile Reveals She ‘Feared For Her Life’ After Seth Rich Was Murdered – But It Wasn’t The Russians

Donna Brazile revealed that she feared for her life after Seth Rich was murdered, and was encouraged by Democratic Officials not to talk about the DNC Leaks. (TFTP) While it is no secret to anyone whose news sources go beyond the mainstream media that the Clinton campaign controlled the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 Read More…

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WikiLeaks Releases Moscow’s Surveillance Files

The international whistleblower coalition WikiLeaks who have had their sights on the CIA, pivoted their focus to Russia’s own surveillance, offering a look at technical details of how Moscow spies on its citizens’ mobile data online. RELEASE: Spy Files #Russia https://t.co/CJMQVrNXef #SORM #FSB pic.twitter.com/QZPKY0HEWx — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) September 19, 2017 The 35 documents in the WikiLeaks “Spy Read More…

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US Congressman: Assange “Has Absolute Proof” Russia Did Not Meddle In US Elections

“He’s the one guy that I think the American people and the people in the world need to hear, and he’s the one guy that now our intelligence agencies as well at the powers that be in Washington don’t want anybody to hear….” Last week The Duran reported that if there is one man on the Read More…