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Las Vegas’ Most Popular Destinations To Visit At Least Once Before You’re No More

Las Vegas is a city of neon lights, iconic sights, and casinos. The Strip has everything from glittering fountains to volcanoes and even gondola rides! The weather in Las Vegas is terrific throughout the year, perfect for outdoor activities, picnics and long drives around the city. Here are some of the top tourist attractions and popular Read More…

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US Urges All Nationals In North Korea To “Depart Immediately,” Bans Tourists From Visiting

Dennis Rodman will be disappointed to learn that the US is set to ban all citizens from traveling to North Korea, according to two agencies that operate tours there. Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours said the ban would be announced on July 27th to come into effect 30 days later, the BBC reported. “After the Read More…

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DHS Outlines Mandatory Biometric ID At Airports For Foreign Travel

What at first seemed like creeping tip-toe incrementalism toward the use of biometric ID for travel is quickly becoming a warp-speed reality. Over the past couple of months I’ve been covering some disturbing developments at national airports that seem to show an acceleration of the plan to use biometric identification in a variety of ways. Read More…

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DEA seized $3.2 billion in cash from people never under investigation – Justice Department

The US Drug Enforcement Administration seized $3.2 billion in cash over a 10-year period from people who were never under criminal investigation, according to a Justice Department inspector general report. Agents confiscated vehicles, jewelry, and houses, but mostly cash. “For the majority of the seizures we examined, the department could not verify that the seizure Read More…

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TSA Busted In Massive $100 Million, 40,000 Lb Cocaine Smuggling Conspiracy

San Juan, Puerto Rico – In a case highlighting the infiltration of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by transnational criminal organizations, twelve current and former TSA officers and airport staff were indicted for allegedly trafficking over 20 tons of cocaine — worth over $100 million — into the U.S. over an 18-years timeframe. Last Wednesday, Read More…