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Anonymous: The Last Grasp for American Freedom

From aiding cultural revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to declaring “political war” on the US shadow government, Anonymous has made quite a reputation for itself since its multinational inception. Through the fiber-optic cables and glass monitors that help create the internet, the amorphous and ever-shifting entity with the face of Guy Fawkes should be considered Read More…

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Governed by Intimidation

On July 24th, the Federal Government decided to stage a massive raid on medical dispensaries in Washington State. “Agents came in with guns drawn and seized business records and about $2,500 worth of marijuana intended for cancer patients” Casey Lee, who works at one of the clinics, told an NBC station. These dispensaries were operating Read More…

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Federal Piracy: The Robbery of Medical Marijuana

Pirate: One who preys on others; a plunderer.  Plunder: 1. To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; pillage.                 2. To seize wrongfully or by force; steal. The Federal Government has recently been executing what many are calling “smash and grab” searches upon medical Read More…