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Russian Hacker Claims FBI Coerced Confession Over Clinton Cyberattack

A Russian man wanted by the Justice Department on charges connected to hacking U.S. companies now claims the FBI offered him immunity in exchange for accepting responsibility for cyberattacks targeting former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As The Washington Times reports, Yevgeny Nikulin, the alleged hacker, laid the claim to Russian media Thursday in a letter Read More…

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BBC Has Evidence of Syrian Chemical Weapons, but There’s One Major Problem

The BBC reportedly has exclusive proof that the Syrian government is continuing to produce chemical weapons in violation of a deal reached in 2013. Pursuant to that deal, the Syrian government was supposed to remove its entire stockpile, which the U.N. said had already been achieved in 2014. According to a document provided to the BBC by Read More…

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The REAL Reason Trump Fired Comey (Worse Than You Think)

On May 9th, 2017 Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The timing and the official justification for the move bordered on the absurd, and set off a firestorm of speculation and accusations. This is intentional. They want you chasing red herrings. He’s waving his left hand so he can make his real move on the Read More…

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Jeff Sessions Escalates the War on Drugs, Orders Harsher Sentencing

Everyone – except Jeff Sessions, it seems – knows that the War on Drugs has been a failure of massive proportions, but the Attorney General is escalating it anyway. This week, Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to seek the maximum punishment for drug offenses, reversing policy made under former president Barack Obama that was designed to reduce Read More…

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The Comey Distraction, A Voided Constitution And The Million Dollar Protest

“We cannot stand against big government at home while supporting it abroad. We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world. We cannot talk about the budget deficit and spiraling domestic spending without looking at the costs of maintaining an American empire of more than 700 Read More…

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Amid Taliban Gains, U.S. Prepares to Escalate Afghan War

The White House is expected to receive a series of new options from the Pentagon this week for the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history, now in its sixteenth year. The plans vary, but each would deploy between 3,000 and 5,000 additional soldiers to the country, an escalation in line with Read More…