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Why the Syrian Refugee Crisis Affects the Entire Planet – Including the U.S.

If it had not been previously clear enough, 2015 has certainly etched the gravity of America’s “War on Terror” into the global consciousness with growing concern and frustration towards the Refugee Crisis, largely of Syrians, but also consisting of any refugees from affiliated battlegrounds of the War on Terror. With Russia’s intervention in the Middle Read More…

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Evidence of Bush And Blair Planning Saddam WMD Lies One Year Before Attacking Iraq

The illegal invasion of Iraq was plotted behind closed doors an entire year before it happened, leaked emails have revealed. A memo from then Secretary of State Colin Powell to George W Bush, published by, outlined how Tony Blair agreed to support a US-led ‘intervention’ in Iraq. This was months before the false ‘Saddam Hussein has Read More…

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Anonymous – World War III Update

Last month, hacker collective Anonymous posted an official statement, the video entitled, “World War 3 Update”  Refreshing compared to what is usually slid behind a title like this, there were no cyber-punk scare tactics (editing and Guy Fawkes persona aside, of course) and even the quippy low-blows were mild, giving way to fourteen minutes of Read More…

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Suspected US Drone Spotted by Russian Pilot in Syria

A camera installed inside the cockpit of a Russian fighter jet carrying out combat missions in Syria recorded the moment when a suspected U.S. Reaper Drone was seen flying close to the jet. “It is dangerous … if two sets of aircraft come into the same piece of airspace without very clear, laid-out protocols for Read More…

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U.S. to Cease Failed Syrian Rebel Training Program

The U.S. announced on Friday that it’s ending its 500 million dollar covert CIA program of training “moderate” rebels, and instead choosing to solely arm the ones in combat. The program, which started in 2013, has been an utter failure from the beginning, even harshly criticized by some politicians such as Democrat senator Chris Murphy Read More…