“How do I know I can trust you?” is a question I hear in various forms. I don’t ask you to trust me. My job is to collect evidence, connect it with logic, and present it in a clear concise way. Ideas either stand on their own, or they don’t stand at all. The messenger is just a vector of transmission. Trust must be earned.
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Washington’s Real Motives In North Korea And Afghanistan – Psychology, Geopolitics & Rare Earth Metals

The geopolitics, psychology and economics of the North Korean crisis, the Afghan war and the final gambit If bombs start falling in North Korea, and if Kim Jong-Un is foolish enough to retaliate, it won’t be hard to convince the American public that war was unavoidable, and that the president should be given broad leeway Read More…

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How To Stop World War 3 – An Asymmetrical Response

World War 3 has already begun. How the history books describe the beginning will depend on how it ends. How it ends will depend on how the public reacts to the shockwaves to come. This cannot be predicted, but it can be influenced. Any time the ruling class gets an inkling that we the people Read More…

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Trump Won’t Be Cancelling World War 3 After All – Stand Down Mr. Trump

On April 6th, 2017, on the 100 year anniversary of America’s entry into World War I, Donald Trump launched airstrikes against the Syrian government; in retaliation for a gas attack supposedly perpetrated by Assad. There was no investigation, not even a hack job of a frame up like we had in 2003. The evidence we Read More…

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Trump is Kicking off WWIII & The Left is Chasing Windmills

Before I lay down what will inevitably be experienced by some as an attack, it behooves us to recalibrate expectations. There are those that will begin commenting twenty seconds after a 2000 word article has gone public, mocking positions the author has never taken in any of his/her writings, writing off anyone who dares disagree Read More…

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Trump’s Stealth Partition of Syria – “Safe Zones” and the Siege of Raqqa

Escalation is still on the table With Russia backing the Syrian army, the U.S. and the rest of the Sunni Axis seem to have given up their plans for a full regime change in Syria. This does not, however, mean that the danger of an escalation has passed. Plan B among U.S. foreign policy hawks Read More…

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Demonizing Russia: The Psychology and Consequences of Neo-McCarthyism

The American public is being conditioned to fear and hate Russia, but why? This article is not intended to alter your position in regard to Donald Trump in any way. Whether you love him or hate him isn’t an issue of global importance, nor is his political survival relevant to this analysis. Some of the Read More…