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With Rule 41 The FBI Is Now Officially The Enemy Of All Computer Users

Rick Falkvinge, founder of the original pirate party and head of privacy at, joins us to discuss his recent article, “Today, the FBI becomes the enemy of every computer user and every IT security professional worldwide.” We dissect the new “Rule 41” that gives American law enforcement unprecedented leeway to break into any computer Read More…

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If You Use Tor Browser, The FBI Just Labeled You a Criminal

Absent action by Congress, the rule change will go into effect in December. The U.S. Supreme Court quietly approved a rule change that would allow a federal magistrate judge to issue a search and seizure warrant for any target using anonymity software like Tor to browse the internet. Absent action by U.S. Congress, the rule Read More…

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Is TOR Browser an NSA “Honeypot”? 

With the continuing rise of Little Brother’s Truth Movement, internet anonymity (for personal and activist reasons) has quickly moved itself to the forefront of some of the most crucial and immediate debates of present day–and far from being a clear-cut answer, whether or not internet Anonymity is a technically feasible possibility is still being answered Read More…