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Jill Stein Crashed the Two-Party Debate & Nearly One Million Americans Tuned In

Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein was excluded from the third and final presidential debate as a result of the two-party system. She was not prepared to simply roll over and accept a loss, however. Stein took to Facebook Live and Twitter last Wednesday night to share her thoughts on the matter. More than 932,000 people viewed Read More…

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Department Of Homeland Security Attempting To “Take Charge” Of The Presidential Election

To the great dismay of this nation’s ruling elite, the rapidly expanding revelation that elections in the United States are not as democratic as advertised, is quickly making its way through the minds of Americans. As the extremely transparent establishment effort to place Hillary Clinton on the political throne becomes a household conversation, and Americans begin to Read More…

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The Awakening Will Continue Regardless Of This Year’s Election

Every four years the public gets all riled up over the outcome of the presidential election, projecting all their expectations and visions for a better tomorrow on to a candidate in the hopes that they will swoop in and save the day. However, the reality is that the outcome of the presidential election has little Read More…