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US Missile Interceptor Test Fails In Hawaii, Pentagon Refuses To Say What Went Wrong

Editor’s Note: Knowing the deceptive and manipulative nature of the US government, and governments in general, we should be asking ourselves if this is a false story being put out to dispel any notion that the supposed “false missile alert” in Hawaii recently was possibly a real missile that was brought down, as many sources are Read More…

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US Reveals Hawaii Employee Who Sent False Missile Alert “Thought Actual Attack Was Imminent”

According to US regulators, the Hawaii employee who sent the false ballistic missile alert ‘thought actual attack was imminent.’ This one statement, if true, reveals a massively staged lie. We cannot say definitively if that lie was on behalf of the US government, the State of Hawaii, or just the employees themselves, but clearly there Read More…

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Robert David Steele – Hawaii “False Alert” & Intercepted Missile, Trump, Pedophilia, and more

Welcome to The Last American Vagabond, joining me today is former Marine, and CIA officer, Robert David Steele. In this interview we primarily discuss his insight into the recent “false missile alert” in Hawaii and how, according to his multiple sources, there was in fact a missile en route to Hawaii that was intercepted – Read More…

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Mainstream Media Criticism Of Trump Comes To Screeching Halt With Missile Attack On Syria

This just in. According to mainstream media president Trump, even if for a day, is no longer Hitler. He is no longer a threat to the world now that the Trump administration has been officially compromised by the Neocon war hawks who have been (along with their partners on the Liberal Left) trying to undermine Read More…