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Cops Make K-9 Maul Unarmed Suicidal Teen – Texts Reveal Planning and Celebration

North Port, FL — Months after the Herald-Tribune exposed the North Port Police Department for routinely commanding their K-9 dogs to attack people without provocation, the department has done nothing to address the problem. In fact, it defends its officers even in the most egregious cases, including the mutilation of unarmed juveniles. There is clearly Read More…

Constitutional Rights Police State Top News

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 on Bystander’s Infant Daughter

Henderson, NV — On January 30, 2015, a health food store in Henderson called the police after a disgruntled customer, attempting to return some protein powder, allegedly threatened to rob them. The store described the suspect to police as a black male wearing a black and tan t-shirt who left in an SUV. As police responded Read More…