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16-Year Congressman Says CIA Leaks Prove USA Rapidly “Moving Toward Totalitarianism”

Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich recently published a searing critique of the federal government’s spying powers in light of WikiLeaks’ data releases that allege various vulnerabilities inside the CIA, as well as the agency’s capabilities to pursue surveillance of Americans with impunity. For a great number of years, Kucinich has stressed the importance of privacy and the consequences of federal Read More…

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The Deep State’s Dramatic Emergence Is Proof Our Elections Mean Nothing

The intelligence community and the entire shadow government appear to be taking clear action to undermine the current administration, according to Dennis Kucinich and others. At the heart of it is an agenda to cash in on the conflict between the U.S. and Russia that is leading toward a new Cold War. Aaron Dykes further Read More…

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Dennis Kucinich: Washington Post Has Declared War on Peacemakers

“The media and the war establishment are desperate to keep hold of their false narrative for world-wide war, interventionism and regime change, which is a profitable business for Washington insiders and which impoverishes our own country.” I have dedicated my life to peace. As a member of Congress I led efforts to avert conflict and Read More…