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In Spite of Trillions Wasted & Thousands Dead, There is More Taliban in Afghanistan Than Before 2001

Only weeks after the September 11, attacks, the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom and deployed troops in Afghanistan — starting a perpetual quagmire that would lay waste to the lives of Americans and Afghans alike. More than 2,300 troops dead, tens of thousands more mangled and traumatized, more than 11,000 innocent women and children turned Read More…

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Deeper and Deeper into War: Obama Authorizes More Military Force in Afghanistan

’15 years later, lives lost, billions spent…’ Despite a vow to withdraw thousands of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2017, President Barack Obama this week veered the opposite direction, widening the U.S. military’s role in the entrenched, 15-years-long conflict. The Washington Post reported on Thursday evening that the Obama administration’s new measures “authorize U.S. troops, Read More…

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Latest Afghan Civilian Drone Deaths Prompt Renewed Call to End “US Terror”

Local officials and elders in Afghanistan said U.S. airstrikes had killed at least 17 civilians on Thursday, contradicting Pentagon claims that only militants had been hit and fomenting continued “destruction and anger.” The New York Times reported that Hajji Muhammad Hasan, a former senator from the Gomal District in Paktika Province, said three drones had hit Read More…

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United States Exposed for Being Complicit in Arming and Training Child Soldiers in Afghanistan

Washington, D.C. — The killing of a 10-year-old Afghan boy, Wasil Ahmad by Taliban forces has raised serious questions about the United State’s creation and backing of a militia group using of child soldiers. Ahmad has been lionized as a national hero in Afghanistan after his death on Monday in the Uruzgan province at the hands Read More…

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Operation Enduring Freedom: The United States Opium Trade

The occupation of Afghanistan has fallen off the media’s main stage in recent years, yet it remains one of the longest, and debatably one of the most botched military operations in US history. Aside from the continued US presence, there remains an unaccountable and unjustifiable amount military contractors of which the Pentagon cannot explain. Those contractors now vastly Read More…