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Surprised Bernie Sanders Just Said He’s Voting for Hillary? You Shouldn’t Be

“Secretary Clinton has a number of Super PACs. One of her Super PACs recently reported that they raised $25 million from special interests — $15 million from Wall Street, alone. Now, every candidate in the history of the world, Democrat, Republican, when they receive huge amounts of money from Wall Street, or the drug companies, Read More…

Islamist Militants
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The West Remains Silent as NATO Member Supports Islamist Militants in Syria

Following the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida — and other recent attacks seen around the world, including Europe — one might naively assume eliminating support for Islamist militants in the Middle East would be at the top of the list of issues that need to be addressed. According to a recent report by RT’s Read More…

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Lobbyists and Money in Politics: No More Than Legalized Bribery

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead Let’s say for conversation’s sake, that the political system in this country is actually salvageable, that it could be resuscitated and revitalized, with the right president, the right legislature, the right motivation and pressure applied by the activist elite; those with Read More…

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Post-Orlando Senate Rejects Gun Control, Calls for More Spying Instead

Senate invokes Orlando shooting to justify expanding FBI’s warrantless surveillance powers, just after rejecting four gun control measures. The U.S. Senate is poised to vote on a bill that would expand the FBI’s secret surveillance powers, including warrantless collection of browsing history, Reuters reports. Lawmakers will vote on the amendment, sponsored by Sens. John McCain Read More…

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If We Are Going To Take Down The Establishment: Progressives, Libertarians, Anarchists and Non-voters Need To Unite

Anyone paying even the slightest attention to the 2016 Presidential Election can see that this election cycle has been marred and corrupted up on a variety of fronts. On one hand, you have Hillary Clinton, a notorious insider and lifelong crook that is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI, and on the other hand Read More…

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Read This Before The Government Starts Another War

Late Thursday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported, 51 State Department officials signed a statement condemning U.S. policy in Syria in which they repeatedly call for “targeted military strikes against the Damascus government and urging regime change as the only way to defeat Islamic State.” “In other words,” as Zero Hedge summarized, “over 50 top Read More…