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Mysterious “Missing” Vegas Security Guard Left For Mexico Days After Vegas Massacre

The mystery surrounding Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos grows increasingly bizarre by the day. Following Stephen Paddock’s October 1st massacre in Las Vegas, Campos, who may or may not have been shot by Paddock, flaked on a press conference that he reportedly scheduled then went missing for days before suddenly resurfacing on the ‘Ellen’ show. Now, Fox Read More…

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Vegas Gunman’s Brother Arrested For Child Porn; Laptop Hard Drive Missing

The story of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s family just keeps getting weirder. The Los Angeles Times is reporting one of Paddock’s younger brothers, Bruce Paddock, has been detained in North Hollywood on suspicion of crimes related to child pornography. Paddock, 58, was taken into custody Wednesday morning. The LAPD said a man was detained in the 5300 block Read More…

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$10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon And No One — Not Even The DoD — Knows Where It Is

Over a mere two decades, the Pentagon lost track of a mind-numbing $10 trillion — that’s trillion, with a fat, taxpayer-funded “T” — and no one, not even the Department of Defense, knows where it went or on what it was spent. Even though audits of all federal agencies became mandatory in 1996, the Pentagon Read More…

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500 Kids Have Gone Missing In DC In 2017 — Sex Trafficking Fears Have Officials Asking FBI For Help

A total of 501 juveniles have been reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of the year. This startling number has forced the hands of several officials who’ve written a letter to call on special help from the Justice Department in investigating the matter. The letter, obtained by the Associated Press, asked FBI Director James Read More…

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Is Julian Assange Dead? WikiLeaks Compromised?

A viral 4chan thread has had the internet in a frenzy with rumors that WikiLeaks is compromised and its founder, Julian Assange, is either dead or missing. The organization dismissed the rumors, but did not disclose concrete information about whether Assange is alive. Black-PR campaign posts going around recently trying to suppress submissions to WikiLeaks. False, but who benefits? — Read More…