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US-Backed Coalition Violated International Law in Iraqi Killings: Amnesty

A new report from human rights group Amnesty International is harshly critical of the tactics used by Iraq forces and their allies (i.e. the US) in the invasion and occupation of the ISIS-held city of Mosul, saying they flagrantly violated international law and might amount to war crimes. The report centered on the massive civilian death toll Read More…

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Why the U.S. Is Really Putting Boots on the Ground in Syria: What You’re Not Being Told

Though a number of U.S. soldiers were previously deployed to Syria under the Obama administration, the U.S. government has just sent an additional 400 troops to Syrian territory without congressional approval, without approval from the Syrian government, and without approval from the U.N. Given the illegality of the move, the real question regarding the operation must focus Read More…

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Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch Begin Drilling for Oil in Syria — a Violation of Int’l Law

After concluding the flow testing phase, Afek Oil and Gas will now begin analyzing samples drawn from the Ness-2 drilling site, euphemistically dubbed “Deborah’s Well,” in the Israeli-occupied region of Syria known as the Golan Heights. New Jersey-based Genie Energy, Ltd., Afek’s parent company, claims a dubious cadre of investors combined with war profiteers, including Rupert Read More…