Presidential Derangement Syndrome
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You May Be Suffering from Presidential Derangement Syndrome

Taking to the Senate floor Tuesday under a veil of earnest hyperbole common among those who fall under the “geriatric” label, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York uttered a plea to his Senate colleagues. “The country is being tested in unprecedented ways,” Senator Schumer said. “I say to all of my colleagues in the Senate: Read More…

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11-Year-Old Shocks Cybersecurity Experts: Anything on Wi-Fi Can Be Weaponized

Whether it’s information technology, gymnastics, or Shaolin Kung Fu, 11-year-old Reuben Paul knocks it out of the park. This kid from Austin, Texas, just stunned a crowd of cybersecurity experts at a conference in the Netherlands by demonstrating how just about anything can be “weaponized” when it’s connected to the Internet. “From airplanes to automobiles, Read More…

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NSA To Use “Russian Hacker” Fears to Expand Surveillance Of US

(MPN) Last Tuesday, during his testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, National Security Agency director Admiral Mike Rogers echoed the previous testimonies given by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and other U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials, who have sought to use the “Russian hacking” narrative as leverage to justify a greater role for Read More…

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The American Contradiction: Global Perpetual War to Prove We Love Liberty

Editor’s Note: Even when considering countries such as Saudi Arabia, the largest human rights violator on the planet, the US does not have a right to police the world and impose its empirical agenda onto another country under the guise of protection, or for any reason. Yet, as the US currently does just that, it Read More…

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Massive Corporate Consolidation of Local News Underway

In a deal that will allow one broadcasting company to reach 72 percent of U.S. households through ownership of local news stations, it was reported this week that Sinclair Broadcast Group is buying Tribune Media for nearly $4 billion. Such a move wouldn’t have been possible a few weeks back, but Donald Trump’s new Federal Read More…

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North Korea Is A Major Opium Producer, Making It A Prime Target For The CIA

(MPN) When the U.S. overthrew the Taliban in the wake of 9/11 as part of its newly launched “war on terror,” it set the stage for the explosive growth of Afghanistan’s dying opium industry. A few short months before the invasion took place, the Taliban made headlines for having “dramatically ended the country’s massive opium trade” Read More…