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Whitney Webb Interview – Is There Graphene Oxide In The COVID-19 Injections?

Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss graphene oxide and the research that has led to the claim that this is present within the COVID-19 injections, specifically Pfizer. 


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Source Links:

La Quinta Columna’s claims (in English) and their website:
Pending (not granted) Chinese patents regarding the use of graphene in COVID19 vaccines (none of which are currently on the market):
Links on why graphene is a concern nevertheless:
Graphene research related to COVID: (US university and graphene for COVID19 testing)
Some Graphene toxicity concerns:
Graphene, BMIs and related tech:


Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

39 Replies to “Whitney Webb Interview – Is There Graphene Oxide In The COVID-19 Injections?

  1. Thank you Mrs. Webb for the translation and your attention to this scientific review. The hypothesis of this scientific review requires substantial more resources to develop Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano findings to present them orderly and substantiated. The context of this study should be considered as well. This is a fast and aggressive campaign to innoculate with vast resources. I hold the point of view that although wreckless such as the kamikazi special attach units of Japan the desperation of the study is warranted. It appears three major actors are involved here the financier(La Quinta News TV), an assigned journalist presenting the “on the fly” (one year study) bang up job findings on a small budget. The challenge to the protocol of the ghost writing scientific journals, reviews with high peer pressures, vast lobbying and vast resources is warranted in this “fly by nighter” terror people are falling victim to. This news outlet could be a hardliner sell out but is may be a desparate begger like the “we are the 99%” campaign. Money answers all… and when you are facing opposition in your daily life that is extortion (don’t take a test, segragation, don’t wear a mask segragation, don’t take it, segration from pro or de? generation. The hypothesis of the study fits the bill… Internet of things in the fourth industrial Revolution where living biological is coerced into engineering frequencies that can be measured by only annonymous celestial agencies. Where “money must be funny in a rich man’s world!” You can cut the legs off a competing track runner and tell him to win the race. You take off the shoes of a competing track runner and tell him to win the race. You can pat a competing track runner on the back for the cause of copetition. The winner is always the beggar! The looser is always the chooser!. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

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  2. I know that my comments and PMs so far were either sarcastic or focused on molecular genetics (I still strongly recommend that book when you get time Ryan 🙂 and my style might be annoying, but I genuinely want to help wherever I can. Re: graphene oxide. One of my projects involves work with GO, and originally it was done in aqueous solution (now that avenue was abandoned). And here are the issues: GO has very high specific gravity (ie. it sinks to the bottom almost immediately), and at higher amounts/concentrations it has a brownish colour. So: A) I imagine that amounts of GO used would need to be small enough to be invisible (as all photos of the “vaccines” show translucent liquid with no tinge of brown or brownish deposit at the bottom of the vial); B) It would need vigorous agitation before injection (? Is it done? Does anyone know?) C) To the support of LQC thesis – this high specific gravity could create an effect where by mass GO is the heaviest ingredient indeed… There is also another problem: RNA in this solution would need to have some form of coating in order to survive as a viable functional molecule. And they don’t mention anything besides GO and RNA (?) which is odd. I doubt anyone would waste RNA if it weren’t to remain functional. Oh – GO as such has zero capacity to protect RNA – at best it could cause mechanical damage from my understanding, but certainly is not a stabilising factor.

    Following the weird magnetism demonstrations after injections in many people I’m more likely to believe that SPIONs are indeed being used – their properties in therms of solubility are much much superior to GO, and even the transfection mechanism is somewhat reminiscent of original technologies used in early GMO (for example by Monsanto) known as the gold gun. I’m this way or another it’s using internal and external magnetic fields.

    And obviously a PS with sarcasm: Vaccines are safe and effective (TM). Take yours now!

    1. Wouldn’t you think that is what the nanolipids were for? A delivery mechanism for the GO given a lipid can encapsulate something this heavy?

  3. I like you both, but I’m sad, this time dear Whitney made a lot of mistakes. The scale of the pictures is ok, Whitney is incorrect, the same in regards to colour of solution.
    92% graphene – it means 92% of stable components ONLY, not in water, not in vial
    (so it would not be black) and so on and so on.
    I know spanish language, prof Campra is absolutelely correct. The word “Graphene”
    is used as a shortening of GFP (graphene family products), it would be further
    examined what kind of graphen-based hydrogel is used.
    Of course they could not have vial from Pfizer ! (sb have had to take a risk and send it;
    but the vial was closed and signed with pFIZER NUmbers of series
    and so on
    I m very saddened, you should talk with a biochemist, chemist or
    simply with quinta columna !
    And you should order examination ofPfizer vials in independent laboratory !

    1. 1. What do you mean by “scale is correct”? The micrographs presented side-by-side are clearly taken in different scales for an odd reason?

      2. As stated before – I do some work with GO for one of my projects – and pure GO is really ungrateful in aqueous solutions due to very high specific gravity (it sinks ridiculously fast);

      3. Any higher concentrations of GO render liquid translucent brown. Layers of fine powder one or two microns in thickness are already clearly deep brown in colour – all the while solution shown has no sign of any tinge what-so-ever;

      Maybe indeed it is some form of complex substance containing GO (but then clearly not pure substance!), however still – not sure what mixture would it be, and which role would GO play in it. I’m not excluding the possibility that it’s there in some tiny amount, but I do work with the substance – it IS NOT TRANSLUCENT, so whatever is in these photos is either tiny amounts, likely somehow suspended (?), or somehow mixed in with other compounds and in tiny amounts (otherwise it would either sink (and show as brownish deposit) or give the whole solution a brown tinge.

      1. Whitney is wrong in nearly every sentence. She has no knowledge in the field of biochemistry, chemistry, nano technology.

        After her statement about colour of vials
        I even dont expect any rational discission with her. She should study
        little bit more chemistry and biochemistry like prof Campra.
        I m very dissapointed by her and Ryan attitude.
        For more debunk of Whitney unprofessional “analysis” look at Orwell. City.

        When they talked about it being present in 99% or almost 100%, they were referring specifically to what is obtained after analyzing the contents employing the spectroscopy technique. It is not that the whole vial is graphene, but that when the liquid is purified, the signals obtained from this filtrate show that it is 99.5% graphene.

      2. The graphene may actually be graphene hydroxide, which Dr. Noack said causes the graphene to easily be suspended in liquid. If there is only a tiny amount suspended in the liquid it may appear to be completely transparent but a closer look would show a very slight tinge. What bothers me is that they have never talked about Dr. Noacks presentations that said this graphene hydroxide is actually 1 atom thick and in the shape of nano razor blades, which create an incredible amount of damage by cutting everything they come into contact, which makes the quick death after the jab ( a vein was hit, so the full contents of the razor blades was immediately released ) now understandable. Quick deaths like these are not really possible with any or the other possible mechanisms of injury. Also post mortem checking of the blood vessels show an unbelievable thing, the blood vessels are almost completely blocked up with a kind of fibrous string material throughout the body, consistent with the nano razor blades theory of Dr. Noack. He is one of the world foremost experts on graphene and said matter of factly that the graphene is in the form of these nano razor blades, so he must have a reason to be so sure although he did not explain why it is a given. I find it incredible and quite frankly suspicious that TLAV has not covered his work in detail as it completely changes what we know about what in the jabs is causing so much death and injury.

  4. I gotta wait for the mp3 to listen, but did anyone here know that there are sanitary pads made with graphene oxide? That can’t be good.

    1. It would have appealed to me when I attended school. Fortunately I went organic years ago. I don’t look bloodlessly pale anymore. We don’t need scientific innovation for a biological process that’s not a recent development. Reproductive toxicity is never or rarely brought up when consumer brands promote a new public.

  5. psychoNWO

    7 minutes ago

    @45mins40secs… graphine oxide IS the nanotechnology, just as the mRNA is nanotechnology also, so Mr Delgado is not skipping over the nanotechnology as you claim. The graphene oxide nanoparticles seem to be the main component of the EMF brain-to-computer interface, whereas the mRNA nanoparticles seem to be more focused on DNA integration and bio-energy mapping… and who knows what else. Its worth bearing in mind that we are all searching in the dark here and no-one has all the answers, so mistakes will be made, and when they are it doesn’t mean the person who made the mistake is a disinfo agent.

    Rather than treating other researchers as potential enemies it might be a better idea to cut them a little slack, or even offer to work with them to iron out these kinds of issues. Would it not have been more productive to have contacted Mr Delgado by email to discuss any doubts you may have about his research, instead of denouncing his finding publicly? I noticed you have raised a few issues with Alex Jones in a recent video as well, so that’s more confusion being sown when really we should all be working together(though to be fair Alex Jones most probably is a disinfo agent). Divide and conquer is a tactic used by the enemy – lets not play into their hands. Just saying.

    @ 57mins30secs… Whitney says she wants more details, however, its just a preliminary report.

    There’s too much speculative criticism going on here. It seems to me that the video is more about character assassination then genuine enquiry.

    Commentary starts @ 23mins24secs…

    Commentary starts @ 45mins22secs…

    1. Thank you, Joan, for your comment, with which I agree completely. I’m surprised that Ryan And Whitney have been so critical of this man’s important work, seemingly want to pick it apart, despite not really being qualified in the field. At the moment many are going after this man Delgado, as, evidently, the discovery of graphene oxide in the vaccine is a major new development. I find Ryan’s podcasts to be interesting, and Whitney’s articles to be well researched, but I will trust in Michel Chossudovsky’s opinion on this matter.

      1. Hello Joan and Dan,

        I am sorry – but it is You I completely disagree with. Here are my points:

        1. Research that is rushed or deliberately skews the results IS HARMFUL. It’s either wrong or lies, and it does not help any cause;

        2. Setting everything else aside: TEM micrographs presented side-by-side in same magnification differ significantly, while at different scales – appear more similar. Guy commissioning the study has the science background to know it is a fraud (or dishonesty at best);

        3. Whitney HAS a VALID background (degrees and experience) to discuss it – You seem not to, however (vide: points below). At that stage I would like to add something else: what’s more important than anything is SCIENTIFIC LITERACY. I.e. background in theory or even better applied science and ability to read and understand how papers are written. As above – You seem not to;

        4. Nanotechnology is a broad term, and often misattributed. Just because one uses molecules of certain size (say, 1-1000 no) does NOT equal nanotechnology. As stated, on one of my projects I WORK WITH GRAPHENE OXIDE!!! We DO NOT USE IT FOR NANOTECHNOLOGY (AND IT IS VISIBLY BROWN I AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS);

        5. RNA particles are not ‘nanoparticles’ in the sense, that RNA is of certain size and functions and it won’t be any larger – they are of manometer size and that’s the ONLY scale at which they function. It’s like stating “the machine of a car”. Well yes that’s what a car is – a machine. Watery water.

        Also: their MAIN function does not seem to be integration, but exactly what mRNA is responsible for – protein production. Protein toxin with some proven and some more possible mechanisms of systemic toxicity. Integration can indeed occur via a number of mechanisms, although it is the adenovector DNA vaccines (like J&J) that pose a much greater threat of that;

        6. GO and brain-EMF interface. I would like a source for that. Honestly. A paper demonstrating this. Because all current research on nanoscale chips (real nanotechnology, i.e. miniature artificial PCB’s) allows them to penetrate blood-brain barrier as well as circulate, HOWEVER their power output is extremely low and, hence, they can be useful for contact scanning/interface, but nothing remote really (especially communication going both ways). And what exact property of GO supposedly makes it the full interface? C’mon – either there is some cutting edge research out there, or you simply have no clue as to what you’re talking about. Sorry, not sorry;

        7. Believing anyone who appears to be “on your side” is what will get thousands of naïve folks killed. Just sayin’…

        I could go on, but that’s enough for now I suppose.

  6. Murphy’s law-if anything can go wrong, it will: Problems in phage electron microscopy
    The quality of bacteriophage electron microscopy appears to be on a downward course since the 1980s. This coincides with the introduction of digital electron microscopes and a general lowering of standards, possibly due to the disappearance of several world-class electron microscopists The most important problem seems to be poor contrast. Positive staining is frequently not recognized as an undesirable artifact. Phage parts, bacterial debris, and aberrant or damaged phage particles may be misdiagnosed as bacterial viruses. Digital electron microscopes often seem to be operated without magnification control because this is difficult and inconvenient. In summary, most phage electron microscopy problems may be attributed to human failure. Journals are a last-ditch defense and have a heavy responsibility in selecting competent reviewers and rejecting, or not, unsatisfactory articles. –

  7. Perhaps the disclaimer for an exit of lib responsibility and the obscurity sugguests the discovery of an active patent. Perhaps the scientific reviews presentation of the discovery is inconclusive, however, their findings merrit a lapse of time to reset the scientific basis of appologies surounding the urgency in real time genocide. Perhaps the lack of access to resources of the efforts of the scientist findings to materialize any legal ground for a patent took a more opportunist turn in say stock. Seemingly, it is a classic case of “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” From a purely objective view these who sponsored Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano scientific studies with limited ventured capital haven’t merely gained grass roots in reclaiming the labratory but are saving lives outside its doors.

  8. Whitney’s attention to detail is always appreciated, but her presentation here was more akin to a defense lawyer’s impeachment of a prosecution witness rather than an objective look at whether graphene is contained in the vaccines or not. Although she raised some valid concerns regarding the Spanish report, she lacks the expertise to come to any conclusion on its validity. Unlike a good defense attorney, she failed to have another expert review the report and provide an opinion. In the end, she provided no solid evidence on the substantive issue one way or another.

  9. Thank you Ryan and Whitney.
    Part of social engineering is misdirection or muddying the waters which can be used to discredit alternative news.
    Therefore it is important to validate so we don’t go on a wild goose chase.
    Part of the issue here is that none of the pharmaceutical companies have been transparent regarding the molecular or chemical compounds included within.

  10. I want to thank you both, especially Whitney for the work you did on this. When I read the study I noticed the different magnification sizes on the photos and it seemed strange but I have no real background in this and glossed over it,
    I hope La Quinta Columna will respond publicly but in the meantime I applaud your work. It’s hard enough as it is to try to reason with people and raise awareness. The last thing I need is to go armed with info that stands on shaky ground.

    1. The nile is not just a river in Brazil you know. Graphene Oxide is actually nano-oxidationed to frequency of special military sciences. Bertrand Russel wrote the patent on this , I was there in his ergon accumulator when we sold it to BASF. So Wher wher whip Whitney….I dont give a bronze rah-zoo for your constipation bias on this hot science project as im actually an export in nanoparticles so yeah actually. Graphene danages the lungs dna lymphs due to the SIZE AND JAGGEDNESS, and subsequent treatment requires Stryreechlynstral.

  11. Hey Ryan and Whitney – Really a fantastic review of the video on graphite in the vaccines.. I was really hoping you would look at it, and this video covered it brilliantly – hat off to both of you – greatest respect for both of your work… Thank you

  12. There is another ’emergency COVID event’ in NSW. Here is the report in The Australian,
    “This is a very serious disease. Of those 141, 60 are under the age of 55, and 28 under the age of 35. And of the 43 people in intensive care, one is in their teens, seven are in their 20s, three in their 30s, 14 are in their 50s, and 12 are in their 60s, and six are in their 70s.
    “This virus is affecting people of all ages with a very serious disease. All but one are vaccinated.”
    How revealing is the last line of the report! Why not just state that vaccines make no difference!

    1. But they DO make a difference…

      This is just me, but I’d really like Whitney or Ryan to research the Spanish Flu…: 90%+ of examined and re-examined samples of lung tissue from the deceased indicate bacterial pneumonia and sepsis as direct cause of death. There are also signs of viral infection and lung damage (attributed to the virus, but eerily consistant with immune enhancement). 100/120 million Americans were vaccinated, and soldiers received multiple doses (all prepared using 1918 technology I might add).

      My guess would be: the scenario will be repeated. Scare -> vaccinations -> deaths really properly picking up -> see, we told you! Pandemic! You need more vaccines!

      1. Right not many people talking about the possible role of toxic vaccines in worsening the “Spanish Flu” phenomenon. I just searched my bookmarked websites (using memex) and books databases (using devonthink) and found from “Virus Mania” mention this:
        “… back then, the roughly 675,000 Americans, who were said to have been victims of the so-called Spanish flu, did not die of a virus, but of the turmoil of war, i.e. malnutrition, psychostress, treatment with chemical poisons or highly toxic vaccines (why COVID-19 is not a viral disease, see Chapter 12).
        (Torsten Engelbrecht; Köhnlein Claus. “Virus Mania.” )

      2. Right not many people talking about the possible role of toxic vaccines in worsening the “Spanish Flu” phenomenon. I just searched my bookmarked websites (using memex) and books databases (using devonthink) and found from “Virus Mania” mention this:
        “… back then, the roughly 675,000 Americans, who were said to have been victims of the so-called Spanish flu, did not die of a virus, but of the turmoil of war, i.e. malnutrition, psychostress, treatment with chemical poisons or highly toxic vaccines (why COVID-19 is not a viral disease, see Chapter 12).”
        (Torsten Engelbrecht; Köhnlein Claus. “Virus Mania.” )

  13. Some share the concern that SARS-CoV-2 (and possibly mRNA vaccines) could have some role in neurodegeneration and/or the risk of developing prion/demyelinating diseases. Most papers on the topic are however published in predatory journals (i.e those on Beall’s list) but they might nonetheless be relevant.

    Seneff, S., & Nigh, G. (2021). Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19. International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, 2(1), 38–79. (
    Idrees, D., & Kumar, V. (2021). SARS-CoV-2 spike protein interactions with amyloidogenic proteins: Potential clues to neurodegeneration. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 554, 94–98.
    B. Classen. (2021) COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease. Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 5(1), 1-3.
    The latter paper is heavily contested by the secular priesthood of “fact-checkers” – but it does seem to me as though most of the arguments postulated against it are inconclusive at best and logical fallacies at worst.
    In direct contradiction to the narrative on La Quinta Columna’s website, graphene oxide curiously seems to have neuroprotective properties.

    Jeong, J. K., Lee, Y. J., Jeong, S. Y., Jeong, S., Lee, G. W., & Park, S. Y. (2017). Autophagic flux induced by graphene oxide has a neuroprotective effect against human prion protein fragments. International journal of nanomedicine, 12, 8143–8158.
    Chu, F., Li, K., Li, X. et al. Graphene Oxide Ameliorates the Cognitive Impairment Through Inhibiting PI3K/Akt/mTOR Pathway to Induce Autophagy in AD Mouse Model. Neurochem Res 46, 309–325 (2021).

    Xiaoli Feng, Lu Chen, Weihong Guo, Yaqing Zhang, Xuan Lai, Longquan Shao, Yiping Li,
    Graphene oxide induces p62/SQSTM-dependent apoptosis through the impairment of autophagic flux and lysosomal dysfunction in PC12 cells, Acta Biomaterialia, 81, 2018, 278-292.

  14. Tons of thanks to Whitney for conclusively establishing the sloppy scientific expose published by La Quinta Columna regarding graphene oxide (GO) in the Phizer vaccine. There was a chain of evidence claim associated with one of La Quinta Columna’s video’s, but their credibility is clearly suspect. The question is what is the motive? Is the controversy about debunking GO as a brain interface technology? No, because it is self-evident GO research and development is on-going. Remember when Dan Rather lost his anchor for reporting W’s AOL military record? He was set up. His script used a discredited source to debunk the truth. As Whitney mentioned, GO is for future second generation Covid vaccines. The La Quinta Columna GO story is intended to divert public attention from the depopulation spike protein agenda. GO’ technology is for the mind controlled surviving population after the great cull operation nears completion. Don’t waste time running down dead end rabbit holes.

  15. This comment is worth repeating: “Rather than treating other researchers as potential enemies it might be a better idea to cut them a little slack, or even offer to work with them to iron out these kinds of issues. Would it not have been more productive to have contacted Mr Delgado by email to discuss any doubts you may have about his research, instead of denouncing his finding publicly?”

  16. Only one sentence at 31:00 in this interview matters The validity of the research from “The fifth column” should not be the basis of the discussion. The rest of the two hours of conversation is in line with that premise.

  17. I invite scientific researchers to critic this logic I’ve taken to form a hypothesis about engineering based inoculations rather than biology based, i.e. (trans).
    Based meaning where to start or build from i.e. (fixed variable) None Broken Link:
    What environment would the use of graphene agent be included in the ingredients (FDA inhalation and WHO inoculation) non-broken link:
    My first guess the keyword non-broken link:
    Support explaining use of the agent properties:
    Support for economical ‘opportunity cost’
    Support for bad actors material non public information non-broken link
    BROKEN LINK: take the (,)and (%) out of the hash.,000%-today/
    Expensive supoena “Sweden” Revisting search hash by verbatim ‘keywords’ changed link discovery 07/27/2021 08:37:58 “The future of Graphene and 5G Grolltex Graphene and 5G technology Combined 5G technology cannot simply be scaled up from previous technology to meet the demands of high-speed communications of the future – it needs an enabling technology.” Who is search Registrar: LLC. [email protected]
    Use of the agent?
    “It needs an enabling technology” History of the Industrial Revolution results in a transhuman-human segregation some thumbing down non-broken link: others thumbing it up non-broken link: The sciences sown in the threat of western idealogies non-broken link:

  18. It’s possible to tweak the GRAPHENE to be more or less toxic. It is in fact possible to get “GRAPHENE OXIDE in a clear liquid serum by reducing its oxygen content into a Reduced Graphene Oxide (RHO). By doing so, it will increase toxicity.”
    “Treating GRAPHENE OXIDE with hydrazine both removes the debris and reduces (both deoxygenations) the dark GRAPHENE sheets. Reduction of a clear GRAPHENE OXIDE solution using Sodium Dithionite will cause the microscopic GRAPHENE flakes to reappear “out of nothing”.

    Reduced Graphene Oxide is sold as a clear serum in India for example, here.”

  19. Thank you Sister and Brother for the share ….. I’am thankful for all the Info the Beautiful Miss Webb brings to the table 🌹 and Ryan as well of course for creating TLAV allowing truth to be searched for and found and encouraging the individual(s) to continue pursuing the truth themselves .
    Blessings , wellness , joy and discriminating wisdom be with all …..

  20. Well, graphene (oxide) has been found by more scientists around the world. At least the Raman Band’s have shown to be likely that of graphene.
    Nano-technology for certain. Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa and now the UK. (And others)

  21. Why aren’t you doing a show about the work of Dr Noack, one of the worlds leading experts on graphene, that said that the graphene was actually graphene hydroxide, and that is was in the form of 1 atom thick razor blade shaped pieces that cut everything they would come into contact with, and were completely no biodegradable, an extremely important point as the damage would continue indefinitely then. He was taken in custody by an Austrian swat team and it is on video as he was doing a livestream presentation. His wife/girlfriend say they later murdered him, the kind of thing done to people who are telling dangerous truths. Really the total non presentation of his work bothers me a lot, and makes me suspicious of you guys. Please watch this video and report on it.


    1. Yeah he pioneered graphene technologies. He was one of the worlds experts on graphene.
      “Heart attack” is his listed cause of death. But the timing is more than coincidence.
      No one seems to mention the hydroxide / sharpness factor. Straight deadly poison, at varied doses.
      Occam’s Razor. There are tons of rabbit holes and obfuscations leading away from the obvious.

  22. The graphene oxide has been found in dozens of vials by dozens of scientists at this point. They are in the vials of all the vaccines makers. Yet GO is not listed as an ingredient by any of them. That is because graphene oxide is extremely toxic and does not belong in a vaccine. The mainstream media almost never mention graphene oxide, it is always called the gene editing therapy vaccine that causes cells to produce the spike protein.

    According to Dr. Ricardo Delgado and numerous other scientists this is a misderection, their tests showed that was not substance in the vials consistent with gene editing particles. It looks like what is killing people is the graphene oxide which is also a superconductor and so interacts with wifi and cell phone and other radiation. This causes it to self assemble until it takes up the entire blood vessel and then heart attack, strokes, blood clots and other diseases happen.

    This has been by far the biggest news about what is in the “vaccines” ever since they were introduced, yet it is being ignored by most alternative media sites. The fact is if it became common knowledge that graphene oxide was in the vaccines and was the cause of all the injuries and deaths, it would be considered mass murder because graphen oxide is extremely toxic and does not belong in a vaccine. Maybe this explains why some in the alternative media have a blackout going on about it and why it was so shoddily attacked with a distinct lack of journalism. There are controlled opposition agents in the truth movement. By the way Whitney comes from a very wealthy family. Also, CBS did a piece on Mint Press News which shows that it is an intelligence agency front company. Whitney used to work there.

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