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We Have The Same Enemy, Yet We’re All Divided

The world is in an extremely disharmonic state at the moment and divided in almost every way humanly possible. The battle lines are being set, thanks in large part to the highlighted differences in society through religion, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, politics, economic status, information interpretations, and belief systems. What’s interesting is that diversity is such a vital part to any thriving system in nature, yet the same diversity appears to be responsible for the escalating tensions and violence amongst the people of the world. Everyone can feel the disharmony in the air, as the wars never seem to stop, the environment continues to be decimated, and the wealth inequality of the world progressively expands further and further in opposite directions.

On the surface, this appears to be a normal part of the “ups and downs” of life, as history always repeats itself. Yet looking deeper down the rabbit hole, one can clearly see that these differences that divide us are nothing more than illusionary conflicts purposely manufactured by a hidden layer of power. It’s all part of a tactic that’s often referred to as the Hegelian Dialect, and is the reason for most of the division in the world today. It’s time the people wake up to this sick hoax and reclaim the planet.


What’s The Hegelian Dialect?

Divide and conquer, it’s the oldest trick in the book and has been used for generations by Hegelian Dialectpeople of power to expand empires and control opposition. While it might sound complex to many, it’s really nothing more than the control of perception through the use of deception. It revolves around the concept of a group with an agenda who then create the perception of conflict in order to achieve a certain result that is in alignment with the agenda. The secret to its success is that the same group designs and controls both sides of the conflict unknown to the public and purposely colliding them into each other to achieve a desired outcome. The Hegelian dialect is represented by the equation: thesis vs. anti-thesis = new synthesis, while others simply refer to it as problem, reaction, solution; a problem is created, the pubic reacts to said problem, to which those pulling the strings provide their preordained “solution,” all of which creates the desired outcome for those in charge, while allowing the masses to feel as though they had a part in the process. It’s the idea that pressure from below (problem/thesis) and pressure from above (reaction/anti-thesis), collide in the middle to manifest a preplanned new synthesis (solution). It is arguably the most deceptive, yet most effective tool for people of power to obtain more and more power without the public noticing.

This is most easily understood by looking at the so-called “war on terrorism” going on today. To start, there is first an agenda, which no doubt comes in the form of more power and control through expanded profits and further centralization of power. The agenda is created and adopted by the powerful elite of the establishment, which aim to create more profits for of the military industrial complex and banking, while also transferring more power up the pyramid through the loss of civil liberties and a fearful public. To achieve this, they cannot simply declare war on any country they want because most people, on both sides of the aisle, would likely object, if only to appear as though they represent the will of the people. There has to be a reason. So to pull this off they create a thesis/problem in the form of a manufactured terrorist attack, also known as a false flag. They then manipulate and control the reaction/anti-thesis, which is done through the use of the media to promote fear, anger, and disinformation amongst the public. The combination of these two forces then come into conflict and result in the synthesis/solution, which is more imperialistic war, removal of personal freedoms, and transfer of power from the people into the hands of a few. It’s nothing more than a magic trick, whereas people are suckered into the perception of a conflict, which they then choose sides for, only for the two forces of the conflict to end up combining to form the desired synthesis/solution that was part of the agenda all along.

This has been used over and over throughout history to bring about endless war; always creating a new boogeyman, of which the public can unite and rally around its destruction. They talk about the need for a conflict, as represented above, by the statements made on behalf of the Washington Institute, a globalist think tank. In truth, the war in Vietnam was only made possible through a staged attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, which provided the problem that gave rise to the reaction of controlled media induced fear, and a uniting of popular support amongst the people for the all but necessary perception of an invasion of Vietnam as the only solution. In the very same way, this has been done many times throughout history, such as Hitler burning his own Reichstag building to justify the invasion of other countries, the Israeli’s deliberately sinking the U.S.S. liberty and blaming it on the Egyptians in order to bring the U.S. into the conflict, and the Japanese setting off an explosion on a train in order to blame China and justify an invasion of Manchuria.

21st Century Hegelian Dialect:

Some will say that this only happens in the past and that today it would be impossible to pull off. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. A perfect example being the War in Iraq and 9/11. Through manufactured events like the terror attacks of 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction propaganda, imperialistic wars of aggression by the state were approved by the public along with the fear-induced acceptance of a loss in civil liberties. The same exact thing is happening right before the people’s eyes in Syria, where the power players of the west aim to whip up enough public support to take over countries in the Middle East, such as Syria. This has largely been manufactured through the use of ISIS. It is now know through leaked documents and spoken statements that ISIS is nothing more than a mercenary proxy army created, funded, and trained by the West and its Arab gulf allies to destabilize the Middle East so the West can then take over control. They have attempted in recent years to create a large enough problem in the minds of western populations in order to convince them to support the war. This has been done through portraying Assad as a madman who massacres his people, through the faking of chemical weapons attacks which were blamed on Assad, and now through the staged buildup of terror through media and false flag attacks in order to scare people into having no other choice but to give up civil liberties for security and demand the state declare war.

This has also been done through the manufacturing of the refugee crisis, which is splitting the people into those who are afraid of terror and want to go to war, and those who want to let refugees into the country. The reality is that the United States has an obligation to aid these refugees due to its major role in the destruction of their countries. Yet, it is important to understand that the refugees could be used as political cover for another false flag attack, which could then be easily blamed on the refugees themselves. This creates a lose-lose scenario for the people who the powers that be can easily exploit for their own gains.

This doesn’t end simply at war either. The Hegelian dialect has infiltrated most of the culture in society, which includes not only the mainstream culture, but unfortunately the counter-culture as well. Here are just a few examples of the Hegelian dialect at work.

Environment – On one side there are the rich capitalists who profit heavily from the destruction of the environment through unsustainable extraction of its resources and unaccountable pollution of the natural world. This is clear to most people. However, on the other end there are environmental groups who oppose the destruction of the natural world. This is fine and noble, but unknown to many in the movement is that these environmental groups have been started and hijacked by the same people polluting the environment. This has been largely done through unelected groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Club of Rome (Al Gore is a member), through legislation like cap & trade, and through hired intellectuals and think tanks that were paid to lie and fudge the data. The end synthesis is not really aimed at truly living in harmony with nature, but instead is nothing more than a marketing gimmick and profit-making scheme designed for further control by the elite over the environment.

Drug War – On one side there is the federal government along with some Americans who want to demonize all drugs as highly dangerous to society and therefore should be outlawed, with anyone choosing to participate in them being sent to jail. However, little known to many people is the fact that our own government is largely behind the drug trade through the use of the CIA and FBI, along with its infiltration of criminal gangs and mafias, which it uses as outposts to indirectly sell the drugs to the public. In the end, the synthesis is more profits for the establishment by locking drug offenders up as well as tons of covert money being made through the production and distribution of drugs. The people are not part of the equation.

Civil Liberties/Freedom Groups – On one side there is the establishment system, which only benefits the elite and people connected to them. Many people have become aware of how unjust this system is for the people and how only a few already wealthy people benefit in the end. As a result, movements like the Black Panthers, the Libertarians, and the whole 60’s counterculture hippie movement sprouted up as a resistance to the establishment. They were all portrayed as anti-establishment movements that are willing to stand up for their rights. However, unknown to many today is that the CIA, FBI, non-profit groups, as well as others, infiltrated and funded most of these movements in order to use them for their own purposes. Though many of those inside were truly attempting to bring about change, the people of power at the top of these groups only lead them so far, purposely coming to a dead-end and never solving the root cause. These organizations were only used to heard the rebellious sheep and use them to bring about the elites own agenda.

Left vs. Right Politics – On the surface it looks like the left and right are two separate political ideologies which have fundamentally different world views and want to enact different policies when in power. However, looking deeper into the issue one can clearly see that many politicians play for the same team behind the scenes, which in the end have the same goals. That team is the establishment, and the goal is more power for the establishment. Using the left’s ideas of bigger government and the use of state to create order, and colliding them into the right’s ideas of free-market capitalism and small state to create order, creates a distorted synthesis of big government used to subsidize big private business while keeping a few people on life support and state dependence through social programs. In the end, the private market continues to exploit the people, since the rules are skewed in favor of big business that owns most of the capital. The government also exploits the people by continuing to expand in function through funding crony capitalists and war, while catering to the poor through social programs, in the hopes that their lives become dependent upon the state. In the end, the left doesn’t have a functional, honest government and the right doesn’t have a truly free market. This left vs. right play is used on almost all issues, where real solutions are purposely not present on either side.

These are just some of the many movements that have been deliberately setup or hijacked on both sides of the issue in order to divide the public, control their perceptions on issues, and steer them towards participating in an ulterior agenda. The goal is never to actually solve the root cause of the problem because doing so usually is directly against the agenda. So that leaves the important questions: who is behind this and what is the agenda?

The group behind the agenda is a small network of extremely wealthy and powerful people often referred to as the cabal of the New World Order, and their agenda is the further centralization of power into the hands of a small international elite group with the end goal of moving towards, and eventually establishing, a one-world government in which they are in control of. This has been building for quite some time and has been known and talked about throughout history by both people inside the group, and people on the outside of the group who have become aware of its operations. Their plan over the centuries has essentially been to use super-capitalism (thesis) combined with super-communism (anti-thesis) in the goal of creating the synthesis of world government. It shouldn’t have been hard to notice that both capitalism and communism have become incredibly distorted. This isn’t by accident as Karl Marx and Milton Friedman were largely under the same umbrella.

A Silver Lining:

This might be mind-blowing for many people. However, there is something extremely positive to take away from this. The fact is that people are much more connected then one might think, and the perception of division in society is nothing more than a deceptive illusion used to divide. The spell only works if people choose sides; the new synthesis is only possible through pressure from above AND below. Therefore, when people begin to become aware of the gambit at work, the power of the gambit proves ineffective. The Hegelian Dialect is meant to trap people’s minds in a box, whereas they are able to see the edges of the box, therefore creating the illusion of a whole to the concept. However, when people start to step outside the box and realize that this false conflict doesn’t even exist, new paths and understandings can then emerge. The people’s participation and belief is the only thing which allows the magic to work. Picking sides is what gives it power.

It becomes incredibly enlightening when one realizes that in fact everyone shares the same enemy. It is only the distortions of separation created by this group of con artists, which keep people from truly uniting and solving the problem. The time to wake-up could never be more apparent, as the New World Order aims to further its cause and place into position its desired one-world system. At the same time, there is a growing movement of truth tellers all over the world who have a different idea of a New World Order. Their idea of a New World Order is not one of total control by the privileged few, but instead aims to bring back freedom to the people and justice to the world. It’s a decentralized approach and return to natural law. Don’t let the mind be deceived any longer into believing it fits into a fixed box, or into easily following false idols that lead to dead ends. Be open and willing to take all information into account, as well as allowing for the change and evolution of your thoughts if new evidence presents itself. No one is perfect, and everyone must start somewhere.

The first step forward is simply opening up your mind with the heart’s intention set on truth, because in the end, only you can determine your version of the truth, and it is only you that has the ability to set yourself free. Seek knowledge, because knowledge is power.

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Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

3 Replies to “We Have The Same Enemy, Yet We’re All Divided

  1. People should be divided, it makes them harder to control. It was a consensus and shared culture that enabled the Korean War and WW2. People need to be divided up, and the idea of unity or agreement is an absurd fantasy.

  2. The “same enemy”, the most dangerous one, is ourselves. This connects to a central teaching of antipsychiatry. The normal people are the sick/sinful ones, taking shadows for the real things (Plato’s Cave), while the mad ones realized how normality, their own normality or normopathy, is sick. Then psychiatry, the medical Gestapo, the secular Inquisition, the ideology of the therapeutic State, labels the individuals who are symptomatic of a sick society as “mentally ill”, and forcibly cures political dissidence “for their own good.”

    I wish this nice introduction to Hegelian dialectics included a closing insight. In the tradition of the Bateson Project (the sanctuary of antipsychiatry, as it were), the problem is the solution. Indeed, dialectical reasoning is a cherished principle of the “Left” – in the scientific sense of the concept, not the mainstream, establishment sense. The problem recounted by this paper is basically that people are ignorant of dialectics, stuck as they are in a short-sighted analytical schema (problem-cause-solution).

    Political science has to be reclaimed by the people. By “people”, I mean those upon which power is exercised and who never have the opportunity to exercise it – basically the working class. In a nutshell, politics is the management of social conflict. The key notion is power. The direction of power struggles is determined by ideologies. Ideologies can be classified by Left and Right. I personally retain a dozen of fundamental characteristics comparing the two in aspects pertaining namely to the level of satisfaction in one’s life, collective consciousness, and attitude toward human nature.

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