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US Electoral College Officially Elects Donald Trump as President With 270 votes; 4 Democratic Electors Successfully Defect

The US electoral college just officially elected Donald Trump as president with 270 votes. Despite all the hype and failed attempts, there were only 4 Democratic electors that successfully defected in Washington state. Interestingly enough, instead of voting for Hillary Clinton, who won the state’s popular vote, three electors voted for former secretary of State Colin Powell and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, an environmental activist. It would seem that even those convinced to change their vote, still refused to cast instead for Clinton, which was clearly the primary objective. 

Although electors in dozens more states have yet to cast their votes, the electoral votes coming from Texas just officially put Trump over the top. The next, and last, step in the electoral process is for Congress to count the votes. Under the procedure set out by the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, that formal process is scheduled for Jan. 6. 

As we have seen in the uproar following the election, this chaos will not subside now that the electors have voted for Trump. One aspect that many are unaware of is that the elector’s votes can still be overridden. Now that a majority has been established, if one member of the Senate and one member of the House submit a formal complaint in writing, the entire Electoral College can be suspended, and the vote would instead go the Congress to be decided. They could then elect whoever they choose, regardless of whether that person was even running for president to begin with, as long as they come to an agreement. 

Even following all of these steps(and assuming the Congress decides not to override the electors) it still seems highly unlikely that this chaos will come to an end, as both the corporate media and those pulling the strings, have committed too deeply to this narrative of  fake news and Russian propaganda. This unprecedented attack on the President-Elect, soon to be sworn in as the Official President of the United States of America, is going to continue, and will likely not stop even following his inauguration. 

What this continue to show every American, is that this deep state, and its lap-dog mainstream media, do not care what the people of this country want, need or hope for. All they want to do is tell the people what they want, need and hope for, and if you disagree, well, then you simply must be a Russian spy. 

We will keep you updated as this chaos continues. 


Ryan Cristián
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