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U.S. to Cease Failed Syrian Rebel Training Program

The U.S. announced on Friday that it’s ending its 500 million dollar covert CIA program of training “moderate” rebels, and instead choosing to solely arm the ones in combat. The program, which started in 2013, has been an utter failure from the beginning, even harshly criticized by some politicians such as Democrat senator Chris Murphy who said,

“My concern from the beginning was that we were going to end up unwittingly aiding and abetting terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. I am sorry that my concern turned out to be true.”

Any who have been studying the ongoing situation in the Middle East can see that the program was really designed to arm, fund, and train rebel groups like the Free Syrian Army in order for them to take out the Assad regime. This would allow the United States to place a pro U.S. interest puppet in power of the country just as they did in Libya, Iraq, and Ukraine. However, what actually happened was that all the arms, funds, and training intelligence were flowing directly to more intense rebel groups such al-Nusra (Essentially al-Qaeda) and ultimately ISIS, which the U.S. was fully aware of. In fact, this was most likely encouraged because these were the two groups with the best militaristic presence and most likely to take out the Assad regime.

Russia, who has mutual defense agreements with Syria, has crossed the Syrian border and begun bombing ISIS along with many of the moderate rebels the U.S. are backing. This has put the U.S. in a tricky position due to its claim to have been against ISIS all along, yet ISIS is their most effective proxy army against the Assad regime. Propaganda is heating up everywhere over the issue as the U.S. claimed is was making progress, when in reality, the strongest military in the world was making little to no progress in the 13 months it was “fighting” ISIS. However, any logical person can see it makes no sense for a country to bomb their own proxy army. In fact, Russia has claimed the U.S. was fake bombing ISIS all along.

It seems all the lies the U.S. has been telling are quickly catching up to them and unraveling on the world stage for all to see. In many ways, much of this can be attributed to the huge rise in independent journalism taking place in which all these lies have been exposed one after another. This attempt to save face and scrap the training program is evidence enough that this previously considered “conspiracy theory” was quite true in nature. However, this is far from over as the U.S. is still arming the rebels, so in many ways they are still directly involved. Also, as history has shown, the U.S. tends to say it’s not going to take a certain action, yet years later the public finds out that it was covertly doing it all along. For now, the public awakening and resistance to escalation towards another war, is working. It’s not time to celebrate just yet, but instead time to push harder than ever for a peaceful and democratic solution to this major event unfolding in the Middle East. The last thing people want is for the U.S. to strike a major power like Russia and for things to quickly escalate. Pay attention and stay informed as we here at The Last American Vagabond will continue to stay on top of this story as it unfolds.



Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

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