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The Truth About Marijuana Withdrawal – In Excess, Anything Can Be Harmful

Marijuana wasn’t always a taboo. Before 1937, when the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 came about, which made cannabis federally illegal, pot was just about legal vice. It was smoked at jazz concerts or just after work. Some people would come home to a nice glass of wine while others came home to a joint. Well over time, marijuana became a taboo. Many conspiracies have surfaced about why marijuana became illegal suddenly. One prominent theory is that the government realized how much more money pharmaceutical corporations were worth to them along with the money prescription drugs can bring. Even the US government has a patent, patent number 6,630,507, which claims cannabinoids are used as antioxidants and help brain damage from certain diseases.

Regardless of the theories, false propaganda was used to bring about a bad reputation of marijuana, a plant that has been used by our ancestors dating back 2500 years. One of the lies told by the US government is that marijuana was used by African-Americans and Hispanics to rape white women. It was also said that cannabis will make all white women run away with African-Americans. Fast forward 80 years … and we know more than ever just how wrong the government was.

As we know in 2017, cannabis isn’t remotely as dangerous or toxic as once believed. Many well-respected professions have many professionals within who like to partake in some reefer from time to time. More people everyday are realizing they have been lied too. However, like everything else that one can overdo, there are some post symptoms. That does not mean it’s very serious but it can occur. For example, when you eat a bag of chips every night for a few days, you don’t function well the next day. Your body feels slow and your mind does not feel 100%. Similar effects can happen when consuming marijuana on a regular basis, then stopping abruptly. You can stop smoking marijuana for a number of reasons, such as a job drug test or a tolerance break. Below are the three main marijuana withdrawal symptoms you might go through.

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Marijuana withdrawal Symptoms

Loss of Sleep – If you used marijuana to medicate and/or as help to fall asleep, you might have a hard time with this one. Marijuana helped your body get into a lethargic state and fall asleep. It could also be because your body was so used to smoking to fall asleep that it might take a few days for your body to get used to it. Indica is usually the type of medical marijuana that is used to help patients sleep, who have a hard time without cannabis.

Loss of Appetite – Appetite is a big one that you will notice the very next morning. When you wake up, you will probably not be hungry for breakfast. This will carry on throughout the day until dinner. Dinner you will start eating normally. This generally happens because cannabinoids can open up your appetite, hence the munchies. This generally lasts only half a day or so.

Combatting the Symptoms  The best things to do instead of smoking marijuana is exercise, meditate and drink herbal tea. All three of these benefit at least one of these. For example, exercising helps your body get tired enough to want to sleep when it’s bed time along with opening up your appetite to have a nice meal. Meditation along with herbal teas help your body relax and wind down. Meditation helps calm the mind down and bring it to a different state. Yoga can also help with both symptoms also.

Editor’s Note: Those who have been following TLAV for any period of time will know how valuable we feel both hemp and marijuana are to the collective prosperity of, not just the individual, but to the human race. Nonetheless it is important to understand, that regardless of any substance’s medical efficacy or overall safety, the point to take away is: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. Salt is a very benign substance, that no one would fret over consuming(outside of for fitness reasons), yet, most are unaware that high enough amounts of salt consumed in one sitting, can in fact be lethal. Even a substance as miraculous as cannabis can be harmful if used in excess. For more info on the realities and modern misunderstandings of cannabis click here, and for those involving hemp specifically, click here

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