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Secure Your Business: How to Shield Your Company in a Data-Hungry Generation

With the comfort and convenience of modern technology comes a host of threats that were unimaginable a decade ago. In this day and age, protecting your business is paramount to guard your company data, employee information, and client records. Consider this advice to secure your business.

Get Everyone on Board

It is critical that everyone at your company is on board with security measures. Employees must be able to follow security protocol in order to prevent the theft and/ or loss of data. When employees know what procedures to follow, they are less likely to leave the system susceptible on any side. Once employees develop the knowledge that it takes to help keep the business secure, it does not end there. It is important to ensure that employees receive up-to-date training so that they are able to conduct themselves in case any basic security issues arise. If a highly serious issue is spotted, be sure that employees know who to report to so that additional action can be taken immediately.

Use Stronger Passwords

Creating secure passwords for everyone to use within your company is one of the easiest things that you can do to shield your business. Believe it or not, many people still use simple passwords to log into all of their accounts. Your employees can use complex, encrypted passwords in order to log in and out of the system. Be sure to deactivate passwords when employees leave the company. Consider asking employees to change their passwords every so often for added security throughout the year. Restricting access of company data to certain individuals can provide greater security.

Secure Mobile Devices

Protecting the smartphone of your employees is necessary if it will be used to transmit company data. With so many people accessing various websites and other information on their smartphones and other mobile devices, the chances of sensitive company information leaking rises. Some companies are making the decision to give employees and managers their own private phone to use for work for greater protection.

Use and Present A Secure Platform

Your platform must be secure if you are running an e-commerce shop online. Shopify Plus limits login attempts and is PCI Level 1 compliant to ensure the consumer checkout process is safe, but some platforms offers more checkout customization options that may be at the expense of security. Unlike enterprise magento, Shopify Plus does not require you to host your own server to get adequate consumer data protection around-the-clock. An effective system can also spot potentially fraudulent transactions and stop them in their tracks. Considering posting security badges and other online approval awards on your website to convince consumers that your brand is legitimate. When consumers see that your website is protected, they will feel more comfortable buying from you online.

Guard Your Business Network

Using strong firewalls and spam filters for your business network is necessary for day-to-day operations. Encourage employees to limit online browsing to work related searches only for additional protection. Staying on top of software updates is also fundamental to maintain a certain level of security within your company. Consider using a virtual private network to obtain hire security for your business. With new viruses and other types of cyberattacks popping up every week, it is important for your system to stay updated so that you have stronger protection when a new terror hits the business block.

Erase Additional Files

If you have to get rid of any business equipment or computers, it’s important to completely wipe the hard drives. The amount of damage that can be done with an old computer may surprise you. A computer can easily have traces of company, employee, and client records inside. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to hackers by throwing away technological products that hold sensitive information. With the help of the cloud, you can back up confidential data and keep it more secure. In the future, avoid collecting any consumer data that is not necessary for your business so the data management is easier.

Invest in a Security System

Protecting your property is easier with the help of a security system equipped with surveillance. By setting up cameras and alarm system, you can scare off criminals before they have a chance to take foul action. The security camera footage will also help to determine faults in case anything happens. Using employee identification cards or keycards to get in the building is a basic line of defense that can prevent infiltration from the outside. In addition, an excellent security system makes employees who may work long hours much more comfortable on the job late at night.

The right data gives a powerful advantage to the beholder, and it is critical that only your business is in possession of your private, hard-won data. Every year, companies lose billions of dollars on security breaches that go undetected at first. When it comes to protecting your business, it is far better to be safe than sorry in the end. If you discover a weak area within your company security infrastructure, it is critical to address it as soon as possible before anything happens. If something does happen, report it as soon as possible to everyone whose data is involved to remain legally compliant.

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