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Navy Seal Domestic War Games Training – Another Jade Helm?

On January 11th, was the first to release another piece of information in what seems to be a recurring trend in the ambiguous and under-reported training operations of the American military on domestic soil. Quoted from the original article, “These exclusive Navy documents outline plans for combat training exercises along vast areas of Washington State coastline. Each shows the areas the Navy is prepared to utilize.” The two links listed below are the online PDF sources of the official described documentation. 


This exercise further demonstrates this “recurring trend” of the unelaborated, under-reported, and unnecessary training programs of the US military on domestic territory. For those who recall, in 2013, Homeland Security reportedly bought nearly 2 Billion rounds in ammunition for unspecified reasons; not to mention the heavy debate amongst alternative researchers about the reasons, operations, and supplies involved with the FEMA camps.

Let’s also not forget about Operation: JADE HELM 15 earlier this year, which was a military operation that spanned over 9 states training soldiers for domestic “unconventional warfare,” even going so far as to seemingly shut down adjacent Walmart Supercenters in order to use them as depots during the three-month operation.

However, this trend of “domestic warfare readying” is not considered here to instill any sort of fear, but rather to propose two possible explanations: 1) either there is no specified trend to begin with and this is instead just the witnessing of the unnecessary vastness of the military industrial complex, or 2) there is a trend: the US government is readying itself for domestic warfare, and–again, rather than instilling fear–this could be seen as a pivotal moment in the movement of the people. Eastern philosophy explains that the full spectrum of negative emotional response stems from fear, and the answer is the same for even a Surveillance State’s emotional responses, and any outward aggression can be seen as a decision by this Surveillance State to begin overcompensating for something. If there is a trend, it’s no wonder that the White House doesn’t want its citizens owning guns–it’s frightened. With this fear in mind, it seems that they feel the need to flash their Navy SEALS a bit as well.


Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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