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MSM Frantically Hides How Omicron Is Being Spread By The Injected & Study Finds COVID/5G Correlation

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (12/4/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Pandemic Of The Injected 
Forced Injections
Vaccine Effects
Vaccine Plan

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

41 Replies to “MSM Frantically Hides How Omicron Is Being Spread By The Injected & Study Finds COVID/5G Correlation

  1. Hello again Ryan,

    Thanks again for the sterling work you are doing for us. I came across an interesting article from Finland in regards to “Omicron” that may not yet have come to your attention which quotes Dr. Coetzee of South Africa on December the Third of this year in regard to the identification of the scariant among identified cases. The quote is as follows:

    “It’s very different from Delta or Beta variant in mutations. When our scientists announced this variant, they made it clear that they don’t know everything about it yet. They are just sequencing it.”

    “What we do know at this time is that RT-PCR tests will be able to pick it up, Rapid Tests will be able to confirm that you’ve COVID and if you look at clinical symptoms and that symptom isn’t the same as Delta, you can safely assume it’s Omicron.”

    Obviously this does not constitute a “smoking gun” as regards this conclusively being the method of identification of “Omicron” in any or all announced cases either in South Africa or anywhere else in the world but it does suggest that it is possible that many of these trumpeted cases have been categorised using a similar process. I hope this has been of some interest to you.

  2. NO ONE is talking about this: what is that ? by law they can not patent a normal gene or anything else occurring naturally.. think of corn, can’t patent it.. edit it or change it you can now patent it (AKA GMO)… now think of this MRNA “Vaccine” … they can now patent everything thing touches in your body… Don’t think they do not know this, drug companies employ some of the smartest people in the world… they know this!! just no one is talking about it

  3. Can’t wait for the mp3 for this. Been crazy busy in the garden and streamlining your hard work. Thank God theres someone out there dedicated to this. You pulled me in with your mask stance back at the beginning. Heard about you because had been following Webb’s work on Epstein and when she left Mintpress, said she was going to tlav. Wtf is that? When the history gets written, you’re gonna be one of those names in bold text.

    Mp3 please 🙂

  4. Your love for the truth and willingness to always consider all sides is admirable.
    I have been around long enough to have lost faith in all the media, alternative media included.
    However, when you make mistakes I still believe it really is an honest mistake and you keep correcting the record when you were led astray, too. You never compromised on what is important and there is a lot of important stuff I would have overlooked without your reporting. Let’s stay vigilant and question everything!

  5. This may be something that you have already looked at but I thought it may be of interest if you have not. An intriguing pre-print that I have just read which relates to the UK data regarding mortality and vaccination status:

    “Latest statistics on England mortality data suggest systematic mis-categorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination”

    The final sentence of the authors’ conclusion is,

    “In, any event the ONS data provide no reliable evidence that the vaccine reduces all-cause mortality.”

    That is by itself a statement that warrants further investigation. Additionally, the authors’ findings in regards to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) methodology that lead to them to this conclusion merit consideration. My own opinion is that the authors work, if accepted as being valid, makes it an almost fruitless task to attempt to draw any conclusions from ONS data in so far as it relates to vaccine efficacy either for or against. Doubtless this is precisely the desired outcome that the ONS has sought.

  6. I literally came here only for source links… and they’re all internal? sigh… I wish you guys offering an alternative view were more aware of how important it is to be as transparent as possible in this day and age smh

    1. SMH indeed. All internal? Maybe do your due diligence next time before you post your forlorn call for us to do what we already do without fail, and better than almost anyone else. The links have been there since this morning, as they almost always are, literally every single reference, including the tweets that did not show. I wish you could know just how far out of place your comment was in regard to TLAV. Hopefully you will come to find out. Enjoy the links.

      1. You are by far the most transparent journalist I’ve ever seen. The time and effort of your research and providing the links is always much appreciated. They are sometimes delayed, but always there AND valid! Thanks!!

      1. Guys, what are you both missing here, literally every link is posted, not “internal links” but source links. That you would agree with this comment without simply checking for yourself, or worse, you did check and somehow walked away thinking no links were posted despite a HUGE list of them on this very post, speaks volumes. #DueDiligence

      2. Here they are, again, for your convenience, even though they are literally right above this 👆:

        Pandemic Of The Injected
        Forced Injections
        Vaccine Effects
        Vaccine Plan

  7. Hey Ryan,

    Just too clear things up. mW/cm2 stands for milliwatts per centimeter squared. It is the demonstration of wave density by volume. The standard being spoken about is related to chronic exposure, meaning that the wave density is at whatever level 24/7. As frequency goes lower frequencies are much larger and have a hard time penetrating solid nonbiological objects. Even higher frequencies (X band and beyond) can’t penetrate solid nonbiological objects like a wall or a pane of glass, but because they are very small they can bounce around and find ways in and around through very small spaces i.e. microscopic. I know quite a bit about non-ionizing radiation due to my occupation. As such doing small things like placing your device in stamina mode so that constant updates can’t happen until you allow them, to minimize the amount of burst multiplex transmissions happening while the item is in your pocket or in your bag. If you are at home, don’t keep the device near you if you don’t need to. Interruptions of exposure make a huge difference to the overall effect non-ionizing radiation will have on you. Anyway, just my two cents.
    Have a good one.

  8. Hi Ryan

    Another great show!

    The 5g study you discussed was just published at the end of September 2021.

    Struck me as interesting. I have been concerned about the 5g issue for some time now, especially as it affects kids and schools.

    As you always say, we have to question the timing. With that in mind, I located the study and perused it. One of the first things that jumps out is their reference to “covid long haulers” which (for those who watch your show) we know is another problem of the so-called vaccinated. But this study of course does not mention that fact.

    Indeed, the study avoids the entire “vaccine” debate as if it doesn’t even exist, but goes into great detail about all the terrible “effects” of “COVID-19 disease” which of course, almost nobody-relatively speaking-ever experiences.

    May be nothing, but it sure seems like a convenient time to reintroduce alot of existing scientific literature on 5g pointing to anything other than the jab itself as a cause of all these issues we are seeing.

    Perhaps we have been tricked and lied to so much already that we are just too jaded. Maybe that’s the point. Hey we can just blame you! You’re the one always telling us to “question everything.” And thank you for that.

    Please keep doing what you do.

  9. This is the definition of terrorism…


    the unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.

    the state of fear and submission.

    a method of governing or of resisting a government.

    intimidation or coercion by instilling fear:
    This is exactly what the governments around the world are doing. Why cant people see this??? Please address thos on your show.

    1. It’s clear to see that the governments are terrorists. Terrorism, like others, is just another form of governence. Even though the world had been used so much in the past two decades, it’s not in any recently published dictionary I’ve come across. Nor is there a legal definition of it. Instead, it’s definition has been managed by the media who put an image to the word – a bearded, Arab-looking Muslim man dressed in traditional clothes wearing a vest of explosives shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’. Terrorism is just Muslims killing people now instead of a form of governence. While it’s the shaved, European-looking, European-dressed, European-sounding, with their usually red, white and blue patterned flags behind them type men who are the good guys, the saviours, the civilised. People might associate all sorts of words with their governmemts including ‘corrupt’, but ‘terrorists’? Despote the fearmongering? Despite the threats to their livelihoods? Despite their government’s history? No, their governments aren’t terrorists. They speak English or a European language in a relatively calm tone while wearing suits and there aren’t any bombs being dropped from the sky. To acknowledge what everyone’s own government is doing is actually terrorism, which isn’t just bad but a threat to their freedoms and lives, would require the acknowledgement to stop watching entertainment, start paying attention to and digest the uncomfortable to truth. Bear the worries and then act to eradicate the acknowledged threats to their lives in the present and the future. Or they could continue to live in their comfortable prison. There are no worries in the prison because the government and the people in suits will do all that terribly hard thinking for you while stressful topics will only be communicated on a need-to-know basis. After all, the people their eyes see the most are the politicians, newsreaders and entertainers on screens. The people who speak to them the most are the politicians, newsreaders and entertainers on screens. They feel closer to them, whether they like them or not, than with the people they know or used to know in real life. You know, like Coca Cola does with their brand’s logo. For millions, if that rubbish isn’t your favourite drink, it’s on your list of drinks you would consider if your favourite wasn’t available. Despite knowing it’s bad for you. I remembered the word now, it’s Stokholm Syndrome. They’re attached to their abuser. They’ve been taught to accept it all.

  10. Thanks for your work despite things. In March 2020, the day before the first lockdown was implememted, the United Kingdom government announced on their website that Corona Virus was no longer considered a highly infectious disease. Wasn’t reported by the media. I shared ot on social media and got no response because it includes reading more than one line of text. Though when I said I support early treatment (with a link to Doctor Peter McCollugh), I got a good response. Lastly, in regards to radiation, years ago, when I’d fall asleep to ASMR videos, I’d always wake up exactly two hours later because my entire head was burning up with the redness being visible on my entire face. To clarify, I wasn’t feeling a little warmer but woke up in a state of distress because of the abnormally high temperature. My entire head was that hot. This happened whether the earphones stayed in or not. The tablet I used to listen from was usually placed around 30 centimetres (12 inches) away from my head. I stopped all that after a few times of it happening. Back then, I also used to swipe the screen with the back of my middle finger and the nail deformed on that finger while the skin around it darkened. It took a while but the nail and skin has recovered and looks the same as the other middle finger now. And when I’d be on my mobile phone for an hour, my ear and entire cheek would be red. I don’t hold phones up against my skin because I don’t want spots from bacteria transfer nor do I want to transfer my akin products onto the devices. So the redness wasn’t from me pressing it against my skin. The phone was hot and my face was hot so I blamed the phone. I tried to find onformation about this online and it turns out that thr safety testing on phones was essentially done to a bowl of water. From then, I only spoke on the mobile phone through earphones. Stop gifting these to children. Take your child out of school if the school has Wi-Fi and get the school to return to wired intenet. Children’s bones aren’t as dense as adults’ and so the damage goes further faster in the bodies. As for earphones and headphones, don’t get the wireless ones bit the hollow air tube ones. That’s all sound waves need to travel. They’re better environmentally too. As for men, your reproductive organs are outside of your body, it’ll probably recieve more damage than children. However, men produce completely new speem after three months. Women only have the eggs they were born with so damage from radiation, pollution, cosmetics, medication, industrial cleaning products, nutrition-lacking diets, sedentary lifestyle, etc, affects the health and quality of their eggs. And not just her eggs but only the mother’s mitochondria is passed on to her male and female children. Giving your child the best start to life doesn’t begin after their born but long before conception. This isn’t in secondary/high school curriculum when being taught about reproduction. Nor is how to deliver or nurse a baby which don’t require a medical degree. Speaking of nursing, basic nursing and first aid are not part of primary or secondary education. My state-owned school invited a charity to provide after school first aid classes. This was before the headteacher changed and now my old school is sponsored by the United States government and some big investment bankers even though it’s very well funded by the state. A few years ago, a very young boy saved his even younger brother who was choking in the sitting room (the mother was in the kitchen I think) because he learnt the Heimleich Manouvere (I don’t think this is the correct spelling). This went to Parliament to get First Aid into the curriculum. The government refused because of reasons like “I didn’t need it when I was young.”

  11. Hello Ryan, 🙂
    just want to drop a quick remark about your “aching neck”. Try bending it towards where it hurts (and pushing further), while under a HOT shower. If it is, what I think it is, this should help quickly. Hope you get better!

  12. Staying on the topic of health, there was a vote to halt Monsanto/Bayer’s upcoming license renewal in the European Union. Just over 30 votes against the proposal (in Monsanto’s favour), 25 against (against Monsanto) and 10 abstentions. Just because the public can’t vote in majority of things that affect their lives doesn’t mean they don’t have influence by simply raising their voices. Persistently until they get what they want. Boycotts too. As for preppers, buy organic grains, not flour or dried pasta. Grains last longer than flour, still have their organic vitamins, minerals and fibre and take up less storage space than several individual packets of pasta for the same amount. The only tool you need to turn grains into flour that still has it’s nutrients is a countertop milling device that can either be mechanical or electric. It’s a worthwhile investment that every home USED to have. And now look at the state of our health which we exchanged for readymade “convenience”. Like an infant dependent on it’s parents/guardians. This is probably where people’s hunger comes from even when they’ve fed themselves. They fed themselves macronutrients like carbohydrates and fats but not micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. And to get people to continue to eat more nutrition-lacking and highly-processed carbohydrates, governments have continually advertised this junk as “enriched”. Like how other junk has to be dyed bright colours to imitate fruits and vegetables or has excitotoxins to trick our brain into eating that which we can’t even describe as delicious but feel a need to keep eating. Hence Pringles’ tagline “once you pop, you can’t stop.”

  13. I want to drop a few lines in regard to “5G”. I’ll try to keep it short, so that people will hopefully read it, although this is next to impossible given the dimension of the issue.

    The “electro-smog” that the initial devices emitted was way too high. It was known to damage DNA and cause blot coagulation (not anywhere similar to the injections) already back then. Since they couldn’t do it any better, they set the levels for maximum exposure extremely high. People that were warning against this got “plowed under in mafia style”. Some of the lawyers are actually the same that “defended” the tobacco industry, employing the same tactics.
    5G is only a protocol. It is not even bound to frequencies. Therefore, 5G in Germany will likely use other frequencies than 5G in the USA. Moreover, 5G in Wuhan might use the frequencies that 3G uses in Beijing.
    The protocols got better over time. I can recall a case, where a traveling salesman used an early model digital phone in his car all the time. Back then, driving around while holding a phone to your head, was not illegal – and super cool as well! Since driving was boring and he had to keep in touch with his clients, he was on the phone almost continuously. After a few years, he had developed a tumor in his brain. It turned out that the protocol was so bad that it would raise the energy to the maximum each time he got transferred to a new base. As he was driving around, this happened every couple of seconds.
    Likewise, the old cordless phones (analogous) that you got to see in every Hollywood movie and television series (Magnum PI, etc.) were constantly transmitting at full power. Even when they were lying in the cradle for charging! Why? Because it was most simple that way and no one gave it much of a thought.
    Wifi routers were initially programmed so badly that they “played ping pong” with each other over conflicting channels, creating a mass of electro-smog for nothing.
    Over time, the protocols got better. This is not because the manufacturers are so altruistic and compassionate, but rather because their products (smart-phones in particular) get benchmarked all the time and battery life counts. Buyers prefer light phones with long battery life – period.
    Unfortunately, the protocols getting better can not nearly compensate for the increase of devices. We are drowning in electro-smog. Where I am, Wifi transmissions probably make up more than 80% of the smog. This should be similar in most cities. Wifi smog increased incredibly in recent years. Televisions – everything gets connected to the Internet wireless, since it’s ahhh so practical! Pushing “Air Buds” into your ears will certainly not help either. Bottom line: the situation keeps worsening and improvements in the protocols cannot nearly undo this.

    The propaganda departments of secret services have sections that spend all their time looking out for “crazy stuff” in science. They literately read all those journals and categorize the things that can be used later on for ridiculing opposition.
    “The Hydra”, for instance, has likely been in their drawers for a while. They then push this via their controlled opposition, which often publishes important information (directly from the source). However, they always point to the desired target(s) and often enough add some bullshit (UFOs, the Hydra, …). Can you recall that “important information about UFOs” has been published only recently? Many of those (seemingly) opposing the COVID dictatorship also pushed this, thereby rendering themselves “easy to dismiss”. This is all by the book.

    They came up with the 5G propaganda, when it became clear to them that the Chinese had surpassed them in development and were going to be ready much earlier. They tried to push ahead 5G forcefully in order to catch up. When this didn’t work, they added a “no reason given” sanction for the Chinese technology and pushed the “crazy 5G stuff”. When “crazy COVID deniers” destroyed “5G towers” in England, you can be certain that this was their doing.
    5G is only a protocol. The towers that are currently being built (and they keep adding new ones all the time) are 5G towers. They used to be 4G towers earlier in planning and they will be 6G towers pretty soon. Usually all it takes is a remote software update. That’s how that technology was designed.
    Therefore, “5G bad” comes from the same goons that released COVID-19. China is the target. They were already targeted before and this won’t stop with 5G either.
    “5G bad” doesn’t make much sense, as it’s just the protocol and therefore 5G here != 5G there. Besides 5G was mostly a marketing term. In reality, it’s more of a 4G+ or 4G-edge. They are all bad. The older ones are likely worse. Again: they don’t improve out of kindness, but out of necessity.
    You may have noticed that the “5G COVID” stories went rather quiet, now that Qualcomm and Apple have their products on the shelves. As for the “correlation” between 5G towers and “COVID”, try looking at the correlation between testing and “COVID cases”. 😉

    PS.: I am one of those creepy guys, who attach a network cable to their notebooks.

  14. Thanks Ryan. Great as always. Was just wondering if you ever sleep? 😁 I have a job to keep up with you!

    Mind that neck. May be from sitting at a computer. Look after yourself. We all need your sanity. Especially me…sanity never was my strong point! 😁 That said, for the first time in my life I actually feel saner than a large proportion of the UK!

  15. That disgusting comment from Biden at 1 HR 17 mins about stronger antibodies from vax stopping mutations is COMPLETELY WRONG per world renowned vaccine expect Geert V B in the important interview below (apologies if you go on to mention this or have done elsewhere already) and in many links you’ve also provided before too. Many thanks as always, but yep just wanted to provide this link on off chance you hadn’t seen/provided it also:

  16. Hello, Ryan. You were absolutely right. Any discussion of fv/g. with covid is censored. God banned from Twitter for 12hrs. It was worth it, had to find out. Now let’s see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Keep doing the work necessary to wake more people up, thank you, Spiro.

  17. Thanks for all you do, Ryan. Regarding Covid/5G – you may already be acquainted with the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation (president: Sally Fallon Morell, Wash. DC) which has maintained since early 2020 that Covid is spelled with “5G’s” (so to speak). You can find them at See also the work of her associate, Tom Cowan, MD., and Andrew Kaufman, MD. Here in Canada the correlation between the arrival of Covid and the build out of 5G is easily charted as we only have three telecoms doing the building. If the site is still up, these correlations can be seen at (and mentioned by the W.A.P. Foundation). And enlightening reference is Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow” which makes the case for emf toxicity throughout modern history. One further note: Sally, Tom, and Andrew maintain that there is absolutely No SARS/Corona virus.

  18. Any logical arguments regarding vaccine efficacy will just be fed through the looking glass of the narrative and come out whitewashed. For instance all the “pandemic of the vaccinated” counter narrative discourse will be used to reinforce the need for boosters, which we have already been psychologically primed for. It’s over..they are way bigger, way faster and way smarter..this is happening. You can’t defeat a narrative with another narrative. The only thing that may wake people up is if people start dropping dead in hordes from off target immune response from the mrna vaccines and that won’t be for awhile.
    Get the vaccine, don’t get the vaccine; believe it, don’t believe it; doesn’t matter. This is happening.

      1. Thanks…and I do think what you are doing is worthwhile.
        I have just been considering recently that the causes and conditions for the situation we find ourselves in have been developing for hundreds of years and it’s like turning around the titanic at this point.
        I think formulating counter narratives at this point is futile and distracting from the gravity and complexity of the situation the world is in…that we are all complicit in. It’s like Einsteins comment on the atomic bomb suggesting that we are never going to solve this problem with the same mind that created it.
        I’m not suggesting giving up…just not giving up in the wisest way possible.

    1. Hey there

      Don’t give up yet. I believe firmly that it’s all closing in on those who would do harm. People are fighting back!The narrative is crumbling, even the mainstream media are beginning to question. I understand your despondency. I’ve felt pretty much the same for the past few months…but I see a chink in the armour!

      Lots of people doing fantastic work in challenging the powers that be. TLAV, UK Column, Corbett report, Witney Web…and many more. Plus many ordinary folk writing to MPs (mine despises me) He no longer bothers to answer. I don’t care, in a small way I fought back, like so many. I also wrote to My GP, and have refused point blank to wear a mask or take the ‘treatment.’ I admire all those who have without fail turned up at marches. The police have been brutal at times. Physically, I couldn’t make any of those, but my word I was there in spirit!

      Don’t give up my friend.

      Regards from UK

  19. I asked a very young child which of their children’s show characters, cartoon, costume or human, wears a mask covering their airways. None according to the child. I said I don’t wear it either. Nor do any of the adults on the streets. I asked the child if they’d seen anyone wearing a mask (because children are imitators. They’re not obedient, they imitate. And we set the example for them whether we’re aware of them or not). The child said no. Except one delivery man. So I asked why the child wears a mask. Apparently because their older sibling, a school child, said they have to or bad things will happen. Children’s cartoons, by the way, are pushing self-driving electric cars. Before this it was children having their own mobile phones to record themselves doing dangerous things to gain online fame. These were different cartoons targetting children a little older than toddlers. I bring this up because even if we put a stop to this, those behind it are already preparing years, even decades ahead to push forward with their version of society once our generation become middle aged, elderly, just die off or just give up fighting these criminals who never face any consequences for their part in these crimes against humanity. Lawyer Reiner Fullmeich recently did a presentation with the Corona Committee. I watched a shortened version. He said that legally not much will happen because the whole system is corrupt. Everything needs replacing top to bottom, especially education. At best, legal challenges might clean up a few things. At this point, real change can only come from the people not complying, standing up and standing their ground. He said the original Nuremberg trials happened after the war but Nuremberg 2.0 is happening even he thinks this is a war of a few thousands of filthy rich families against the entire human race. This cannot be approached as weakly as the fight against the ongoing War of Terror. Like a man who’s name I’ve forgotten, said, if a system (machine) makes you so sick, so repulsed, that you can’t get by another day knowing what is happening, throw your bodies (dedicate your life) against the gears, the cogs, the wheels, etc, and disrupt and stop the machine. I love this speech. Came across it in an ongoing manga about modern state censorship. And I love the fact that plenty of people have already been doing this for years in various ways according to their skills and opportunities and the numbers are increasing. But they need to increase faster. Because what will the infantalised adults do? Behave like children and imitate those around them.

  20. “Like a man who’s name I’ve forgotten, said, if a system (machine) makes you so sick, so repulsed, that you can’t get by another day knowing what is happening, throw your bodies (dedicate your life) against the gears, the cogs, the wheels, etc, and disrupt and stop the machine. I love this speech.”


    Mario Savio

    Sit-in Address on the Steps of Sproul Hall

    delivered 2 December 1964, The University of California at Berkeley


    Audio & text:

  21. I was speaking to a gang of guys installing a new 5G mast in our road. They said they’ve never been so busy. Especially during the recent UK lockdowns when extra staff are taken on. I said, wow, so you’re busier when we’re locked inside our homes and unable to protest. How lucky for you!

  22. On why footballers seem to be collapsing at a higher rate…no other major sport has as much continual movement. 45 minutes vacillating between sprint and jog. Then half. Then repeat. Very limited substitution. Verus sports in the US. Basketball, lots of sprinting, but lots of substitutions and down times. Same for hockey. Football and baseball are stopped more than going. Maybe it has to do with heart rate up for prolonged period with minimal rest. Could be all pros in the US are placebo recipients too though.

  23. Thank you for great commentary. It is appreciated. I should begin by saying that two biblical Christian commentaries with independent websites for discussing things censored at youtube etc about these issues went down about ten days ago. I sorely miss them. The sites still show, but they cannot load content. These are serious KJV guys, not Alex Jones or old charismatic Catholic phony Stevie Anderson types, etc.
    I would just warn that Christian content still up & with big, flashy, merchandising websites in particular, are likely controlled opposition & steering mechanisms by the mother of them all: leading people into the so-called ‘Christian’ arm of the Reset /dialectic game. If you want to understand the times or prophecy by the scriptures, your best bet is to pray for truth, read & study the Bible for yourself, alongside excellent content such as this. The KJB, of course. It’s being fulfilled alright: but like the rest of the media and ‘captured’ institutions, what you’ll hear there, & in 99.9% of the ‘churches’ is inaccurate, & calculatedly so. It’s common knowledge amongst serious Bible believers still connected to the Book & the heritage of those outside of Rome, but it’s a very hard time for those seeking truth anew or afresh to find it. Dark Age take 2.

    I can recommend purecambridgetext who is still up, probably because of being a small erudite & serious site which sticks to the Book. Such folks still have attention spans & the vigilance & diligence of proving all things….but small followings. Warred for a long time with changeling, hireling, and dumbing down pastors before realizing they were already gone, & that the purposes driving them & men like their CFR Rick Warren, communitarian crony-corporatism enthusiasts like Peter Drucker etc was foretold & very ancient indeed. Hardly a love for the Lord & Spirit of Truth, or for pointing souls there. Already merchandising them as Revelation 18 so cogently informs us….though these things are just on the way, close to the end, setting the stage, but not yet at their max. Of course we fight on, & wisdom from above is first of all pure, & always true. Follow it & you end up at the scriptures & with Christ & freedom indeed. The way grows progressively narrower & the traffic thins considerably due to the offense of the cross. Old politicized & merchandizing cog Bill O’Reilly and his ‘why they killed Jesus’ missed it by a thousand miles, as antichrist as the institution he’s a part of & their concordat web of fornicating & illicit union. The mother of monopoly outside of truth & Queen of the dialectic. Here’s to the blessed hope, including that at least some truthseekers end up pursuing it to a fruitful eternal end with life & truth. Corrupt men aren’t going to be able to do what they think….but the Lord’s going to give them over & gather them to the end.

    You can see them dancing to his tune already which is such a mix of true tragedy & hope….so far beyond anything twisted Quigley’s ken, as they fulfill the scriptures they hate & deny so very much! If they were so wise and ‘free’ as they believe they are, you’d think they’d come up with something original. I mean, the prince of the power of the air? misusing electricity? pestilence? sorcery? the mark? the economy? worship of the creature more than the creator? ….they’re even fixated on ‘666’….lol! The Book even ‘outs’ their days of Noe corruption; their days of Lot aggressive, self-obsession & perversion; and their trademark scarlet & purple, and golden cup of blood! Shoot, throw in Jeremiah & &44 and you even have the ‘Queen of Heaven’ and the cookie Tamuz phoney-baloney ‘Christ’!

    It’s surreal, living in these times. And yet, so strangely familiar. Even proud Laodicea reacting in such predictive ways, though I’d never have guessed some of the folks falling for that, or the drunken delusion & counterfeit, the so-called ‘Joel’s Army’ sick & ramped up repeat of the Children’s Crusade. So calculating, arrogant & sick. Millstones cast down with violence come to mind. The Lord is going to destroy those who destroy the earth, but a lot of biblically illiterate folks think the destroyers are the heroes and saviors. Even that foretold. I fear most for those who don’t know, & who still aren’t free of the fear of the first death. Jesus said delusion and deceit, deception would increase & reach a crescendo before that false one coming in his own name that all the world will recieve: even the Jews, comes. And antichrist forerunners. There’ve been enough of those, but the deception today is clearly at a whole new level. Daniel said knowledge would increase & men would be running to and fro….just that’s a curse as much as a blessing when corruption still reigns. Even the redeemed are still in corruptible flesh, & will be until the resurrection. All men are going to do is muck things up royally while trying to make things better in illegit ways, though a few wake up & stop, step back, take a good long look & see the bigger picture to their eternal gain. Unmerited gain: God’s riches at Christ’s expense. All you gotta due is love the truth that you might be saved no matter what that double-edged sword reveals, & what it reveals is hardly flattering to men’s ego. Yet, so worth it.

    Anyways, I live in a rural area of Ohio. We’ve seen unprecedented activity along electrical lines & right of ways this year. And at the schools during the 2020 shutdown. Actually, it’s been ramping up over the last decade, and before that to those of us taking note & trying to fight it. The high fence topped by barbwire that went up around our & many consolidated schools some years back, along with the solar & windmill arrays raised unanswered questions with many. But it’s weird what people will accept introduced gradually & over time. The old three steps forward, two steps back. About at the end of that plank they’ve been walking us out now.

    It’s been 10 years now or more since they put little color-coded ‘approved’ and ‘grade level’ stickers on all the soft-porn, anti-christian, and politically correct books in the children’s & young adults sections of the local library. God only knows what’s in the school library though Children’s Protection League gives us glimpses. When those things were read in Congress and State legislatures 20 years back: who even acknowledged or knew about it? The excuse given for the stickers was that parents were ‘cheating’ on the outside of school ‘literacy’ reading reports, but in actuality they censored material so parents had to use their trash selections if they wanted credit. If that big red VERBOTEN thing hadn’t started coming up during certain internet searches, & all those alternative doctors & researchers hadn’t all died about then, the latter years of the Obama admin: I might have been more amenable to believing that.

    They had their ways of bringing people into line. Cutting them off at the knees. Ruining businesses.
    The lawsuits no one could afford to win. The ridiculous limitations to editorials or comment sections.

    Shortening attention spans, increasing the time parents needed to work to pay for it all, squeezing out precious time for anything balancing the chosen emphasis. Blaming the beleaguered parents for all the system was purposely bringing about.

    Centralizing education control federally was a HUGE mistake. When the global corporatists took control over publishing, and began sponsoring & the crony stuff with foodstuffs, sports etc….that was another mini-coup, but nothing like when it all went digital & so easily controllable. Most people just didn’t want to see it, though homeschooling increased….and many of those were children of educators. We knew a black administrator in a prosperous district who couldn’t take the dumbing down & emphasis on sports, drugs, ‘counseling’. He quit & got an honest job in production management, and his kids were homeschooled.

    Folks got on schoolboards but found it totally ineffective as the choices remaining to local control & representation were largely moot: making the choice between pc dumbed down curriculum ‘a’ or pc curriculum ‘b’, & a ‘choice’ in how to pay fhem & the mandates from above. There was a lot of shoddy construction, & big new schools built that enriched cronies….but left communities worse off than they’d begun: and with incredible debt-loads.

    Frustrated one-termer school board folks fled & warned whoever would listen. Homeschooling grew again, but the root cause of the terminal disease went on.

    Projects in the last 10 years included smart meters. 15 years ago they forced everyone with a well onto public water systems in all the small towns & villages. Quiet little wars were fought over all those things. My own brother, a retired Navy vet, lost his job with a municipal water department for refusing to turn off the water of two elderly widows who still had back-up wells: one was his old Cub Scout den mother, & the other his old Sunday School teacher! Now we have cameras mounted on electrical poles along rural 2-lane county roads. Creepy stuff. I don’t hunt or get out in more remote areas, so can’t report on that…but I can say that I have seen the fleets of atv’s & such setting out from the highway along the lines.

    The ‘ring knocker’ and linked in crew who used to rent their fenced lots or storage spaces to fracking and gasline crews now rent to contractors with dozens of those truck, trailer & ATV get-up’s. People don’t even seem to realize they’re feeding & serving the monster that despises & is set to destroy them, or know what to do when the realization & conviction crosses their mind.

    Conformity and peer dependence is so engrained. I don’t think we’re going to get another John Bunyan tempered & prepared type revival or ‘Great Awakening’ this time bringing freedom & tolerance to the non-conformists loving truth before all. THIS crew and the Great Awakening they’re talking about is of another spirit altogether. And they HATE old faithful Patrick Henry who exposed the rat in that first secretive & federalist elitist Constitutional Convention…lol! Those are the type they fear the most: those ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ types who don’t fear death, & who fear God more than man that are hard to corrupt, or to fool. The type who aren’t just blather or self-conceited ‘my gain no matter who loses’, satanic ‘survivor’ garbage, but real & true.

    Not sure we’re gonna get that. I see no signs of its marks of repentance, humility & dogged, self-sacrificing determination ….save corners like this which give me hope for some when that time of ultimate decision comes. Oh, that reminds me of thetexasboys vlog out of Texas who may be encouraging or helpful to some here. Dad was a financial consultant who couldn’t take the hypocrisy & corruption of a so-called ‘Christian’ business anymore, let the East Coast ‘good life’ and all of its trapping behind, packed a pull-behind u-haul with essentials & headed for rural Texas with his young family. He busts his butt now in construction contracting & homesteading, does some preaching, & a whole lot of encouraging folks to get out while they can to build Food 401K’s & old-fashioned honest community. Sharing as they learn. He has a different eschatology than I, but I always say we can sort that out on the way up, everyone’s entitled to be wrong, and the Lord point blank told us that every blessing we’d have down here would come with persecutions, & that ALL who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus would suffer persecution …, continuing in the word cured the positive confession, friendship evangelism leveling, no-suffer rapture stuff. I still think there will be a pre-trib rapture: just that many won’t survive to see it, & a whole lot more are going to be caught unawares & shocked into vigilance & diligence when the price for faithfulness will be the highest ever. Thankfully for a short time. We don’t know when the rapture might come, no date or signs for that. But for the last seven years there’s a clear beginning point & calendar in Daniel and Revelation, with clues sprinkled throughout the word confirming, & when we see things taking shape for THAT time….we get a little indication. I just don’t expect better treatment than the brethren who died under Rome take 1, Lenin & Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc Funny how Catholic those folks funerals were with their glass coffins just like the so-called ‘saints’ & assorted side-show necromancy freak show stuff that Rome merchandizes. Funny, but deadly….and ALL connected.

    Anyways, they do a good job of living a separated life in such a way as not to just be building a parallel legalistic system & kingdom to the world’s like the Amish & some of the other cults. Most began well, but finishing is the proof in the pudding. By money & flattery a lot of them are buying into & being drawn into union with the fake green & fake sustainable seduction of the hidden hand of the highest up and deepest in. Texas Dad isn’t one of those.

    Fell on my face plenty of times, fought it hard for more than twenty years now in my own small way, & not always successfully…..but it’s settled with me & I’ll never conform. I know what we’re fighting is bigger than what’s visible & as Ephesians 6, & unspeakably evil, but also utterly, completely and totally, assuredly defeated & to be destroyed in the end. It must be fought & resisted, & only one power is capable of putting it down or giving strength to stand to the end & not in vain. I’m in the fight to the end because of what I know is on the other side. People with nothing worth dying for & no sure hope don’t have much to live for when all the props are taken away, prone to suicide, addictions, etc. And I’ve also found that they’re prone to treachery if it comes down to ‘me or you’…..and that our constant questioning, vigilance & diligence better include keeping our own flesh in check, 1 John 1 is an imperative, and we’re not immune to temptation. Covert powers know this & it’s just stupid to be dumber than the enemy on this one…..though they’re one-eyed about it themselves! Just an old gramma now, but with perspective both as a ‘good’ and ‘nice’ lost person, & as a saved one naive enough to think everything labeled Gospel or Christian really was for longer than I should have been. When a person truly gets saved, they become a new creature in Christ, & it’s hard not to want that for everyone, or to harbor the same hope for others because you know you’re no better, just that Christ is. Not perfection, & still corruptible, but the change is real, the Book is amazingly evidenced…..especially now when we most need it, though most abandoned it, proving it true again.

    Sorry to ramble. If you’ve read this far, you must either be honest & humble enough to seek truth & the Lord who is the way, the truth & the life….or another Christian out there scattered & alone as so many are these days, & without fellowship, though there’s sure and enough religion & craft on every hand! Be encouraged. Don’t neglect the word, the bread of life & living water. You are not alone. He will never leave nor forsake, & there are yet others who haven’t bent the knee to the Baals or the antichrist masters. It’s just a time of back to the byways & hedgerows, the forest glens for us. We almost forgot that that’s the way most all the brethren had it, and about the Garden of Gethsemane, the treachery of false & cultic, politicized idolatrous humanist religion & leaders, being there to endure on & along the way to heaven, and the restored edenic earth. First the fake. The Ezekiel 38-39 war. Armageddon. And for most of us, the first death. But then the resurrection, the new & glorified, transformed body as 1 cor 15, the judgment seat of Christ where we’ll see some works of vanity burn….but still without fear of the second death, & blessed….those tears, & these, will be dried. No more fear (and it won’t be vain presumption or delusion!). Looking forward to that new body & restored heavens & earth, the kingdom, and that new heavens & earth to come. It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus. Life’s trials will seem so small, when we see Christ. One look at his sweet face, all sorrows will erase. So bravely run the race, til we see Christ.

    It won’t be his sweet face the wicked & true haters will be seeing though, as they leave life now denying truth & Christ, or those bloody ‘survivors’ gathered to Armageddon deceived & believing the Usurper’s lies to the end that they & their fallen heavenly hordes they call angels & aliens & ascended masters & all manner of imaginative vanities, devils & fallen angelic beasts: can actually defeat the Godhead & his angels & people, many of whom will be transformed & glorified by then: that they can evade death & become ‘gods’.

    And they call US fools.

  24. Not only is the content of this piece earth-shattering, and a wake up call to the dangers of the 5G rollout, I must comment on your brilliant opening!
    Coincidentally I have reminisced of late on a movie from my childhood which depicts an old tale of one pied piper leading the town’s children away, as we follow our leaders to certain deaths in a seeming trance to their official pronouncements.
    For you to put the Pied Piper music (“In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg) against a backdrop of news clips of the dropping efficacy while our illustrious Fauci insists the vaccine is “highly effective”, should win awards, if there were any for this type of reporting. Simply brilliant Ryan.

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