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Jamie Buturff, 432 Hertz & the Suppression of Pythagorean Mathematics

Many people today have heard about the scientific explanations that quantum theory provides–such as the vibratory densities of all physical objects, showing that in a very real sense, the physical reality that encapsulates the human experience is nothing more than one large vibratory collage–a song with infinite variety. Hence the common explanation given from the Book of John, “In the beginning, there was the Word…”

While there are a lot of individuals who simply think, “Wow, what a cool idea this is,” and leave it at that, there are more deeply probing, inquisitive minds that have begun pondering more fundamental questions that this proposes, such as: If life is a song, then what is its tuning? And if there is a tuning, then how does a human determine what it is–and can we tune ourselves to this key signature? 

Researcher Jamie Buturff, is one of these inquisitive minds. Having deeply investigated Pythagorean mathematics and esoteric sciences. Founder of 432 Design, LLC, Buturff has based his research premise and material around the complex analysis and understanding of 432 Hertz, which has been scientifically demonstrated by Buturff and his colleagues to represent the literal frequency of the human crown chakra. Actually, Jamie has validated and brought to light the hertz translation of the all five of the chakra points, all of which have been demonstrably proved in FDA-approved laboratories as controlled and professional scientific experiments. The document can be viewed here, and the table reads:

Crown – 216 / 432 / 864 Hertz – A (musical note tuning)

Third Eye – 144 / 288 / 576 Hertz – D (musical note tuning)

Throat – 192 / 384 / 768 Hertz – G (musical note tuning)

Heart – 128 / 256 / 512 Hertz – C (musical note tuning)

Solar Plexus – 182 / 364 / 728 – F Sharp (musical note tuning)

Sacral – 303 / 606 / 1212 Hertz – E Flat (musical note tuning)

Root – 228 / 456 / 912 – B flat (musical note tuning)

The study, conducted at the Centre for Biofield Medicines in Pune, India, can be seen in its entirety here.

This, in conjunction with the full extent of Buturff’s research, conclusively confirm these hertz tones. The scientific study confirms that these frequencies had a large spectrum of advanced therapeutic potential for biological life, especially when these frequencies were directed towards their ascribed bodily chakra points for therapy. Essentially, this study confirmed the tuning capability that these frequencies have on the chakra points. 

Many people are probably wondering why they have not heard of Jamie Buturff and 432 Design, especially since he has been providing research on the subject since 2010–and it will not be surprising to many, considering the level of knowledge in his research, that his official research-oriented YouTube channel is literally blocked for viewing in America, even though Buturff himself is an American citizen that uses literally no vulgarity on YouTube whatsoever. Luckily, since Buturff is an honorable researcher, he can’t be legally banned from YouTube as a whole, and thus he continues to pump out videos, many of which can still be individually viewed in America–but when an American tries to click on his personal channel, or subscribe, it is quite clearly blocked out. 

However, if this blocking was not some sort of indicator that this is some invaluable material, then the trolling-spree of Jesuit-affiliated, egotistical shill, Leonard Horowitz on Jamie Buturff and 432 Design is certainly an indicator. Knighted by the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem (a secret society inherently wed with the corrupt Vatican Jesuit Order), Horowitz has systematically made a career of spreading disinformation, castigating and even threatening a variety of authentic researchers throughout the years, and his own research seems to be heavily oriented around stroking his own ego.

In reality, however, despite the braggadocio that Horowitz exudes with the boasting of his PhD, his constant insistence that he is a chosen instrument of the “Creator,” and other narcissistic traits that this doctor demonstrates, he is only popular on his own website, and on blogs that fail to do their own research into this phony activist. In an account given by Dr. A. True Ott  (whose website can be viewed here) it seems more than plausible, although not confirmed, that Horowitz is a legitimate agent of Military Intelligence of CoIntel Pro nature that is tasked with networking with authentic researchers, gathering data on their work, and reporting it to military intelligence. A piece written on the matter by Investigative Journal can be viewed here, and it is quite a thorough and damning read for Horowitz.

Before moving on, it is important to briefly mention the disinformation that Leonard Horowitz represents to the realm of Esoteric Frequency Mathematics. While this may be a bit confusing for those unfamiliar with the terminology, suffice it to say that Horowitz insists that the heart chakra can be measured at 528 Hz, and promotes the idea that the Solfeggio Ratio components are actually equivalent to the chakra point vibrations, and are an imparted spiritual gift upon humanity.

Known as the educational music scale “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti,” Horowitz claims it to be an ancient scale used by humans, but it wasn’t actually developed until the 11th century. Also, these are six notes, leaving one chakra point out anyway. He is also popular for promoting the claim that geneticists actually use the 528 Hz frequency to repair damaged DNA–and this claim is completely unstudied, unverified, ill-founded, and essentially total bogus. And in any case, the only evidence really needed to disprove Horowitz is to play his Hertz frequency measurements that he has applied to this ratio–supposedly an ancient gift of harmony.

When actually played, the scale is hardly even a scale, and is completely disharmonious. This is a complete dead end in terms of understanding the frequencies of nature, and Horowitz not only adamantly denies any fallacies with his research, he consistently and vehemently attacks researchers that openly dispute him. 

In actuality, to be fair, the Solfeggio Ratio is an important piece to this puzzle. Discovered by Buturff, this ratio is actually the Family Number Groups of circuitry developed by mathematician and inventor Marko Rodin over 30 years ago with his invention, the Rodin coil. This means that these numbers are the frequency spectrum at which the energy in the Rodin coil travels–an example serving as a Rodin coil would be a guitar, and the Family Number Groups being the fingers pressing on the strings to produce the specific notes. Horowitz, as discussed by Buturff in the video below, is using numbers that equate to the fingers on the “guitar” of the Rodin Coil, not the notes produced. Jamie Buturff and 432 Design have scientifically validated his information over Horowitz’s. 

To discuss advanced mathematician Marko Rodin is to discuss the coming paradigm shift in mathematics, zero point energy, and suppressed technology. Rodin’s story is so interesting because, while he has certainly received his own amount of suppression, he has been astonishingly successful with the development of his research. His prominence is continuing to rise, both due to the thoroughness of his research and the efficacy of his inventions.

The Rodin coil is a toroidal coil used to conduct electricity that uses schematics developed by Rodin, previously unknown in modern-day mathematical computation. The invention essentially serves as an electronic torus field, and the coiled circuitry,

naturally creates a greatly increased magnetic field in the center of the torus, when compared to a conventional coil wound with the same amount of wire. In addition the field generated is much more coherent, in the sense of being much more sensitive to a particular frequency of applied current. These properties are the basis for useful applications of the Rodin Coil, as well as for any limitations in its use.”

The article quoted here, explaining the Rodin coil in-depth, can be read here. Marko Rodin is continuing his groundbreaking research to this day and even Rodin’s mathematician protegé’, Randy Powell, is making waves in the research community, garnering his own following in conjunction with Rodin. In the recent documentary, Randy’s Donuts, the research is explained in great depth, and the website can be viewed here.

As final thoughts on the matter, the reason Buturff has so deeply involved Rodin’s research in his own is due to the incredible applications that the coil possesses. Not only did Rodin develop his circuitry technology using his study of esoteric Pythagorean mathematics and numerology, but as discussed in the quote, the coil magnifies electrical currents applied to it quite precisely. Long story short, the Rodin coil has allowed Buturff the technology to adequately gather his research and accurately test it. As well, Leonard Horowitz considers Marko Rodin a disingenuous fool. 

(Here is a pdf online guide to developing your own Rodin coil: http://www.panaceatech.org/Marco%20Rodin%20Coils.pdf)

The current tuning of all music today is generally 440 Hz; however, many musicians have tuned their music to 432 Hz, such as Bob Marley. Consider that, and the effect that modern music, at the wrong setting, has on you.  

Here is a video comparing and discussing the differences between 440 and 432 Hz, and why all music should be tuned to 432 Hz, as it had traditionally been tuned by humans in the past:

(More information on Marko Rodin and his research can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN2LBO8wig8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI93jeaXGvshttp://www.americanantigravity.com/)

(Here is a playlist on YouTube that goes directly to Jamie Buturff’s primary research videos, since his channel for subscription is blocked in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVATlX4XKMk&list=PL21257F2621425450)

In summation, Globalist-elitist efforts (who are inherently involved with esoteric secret societies that teach these esoteric understandings) have gone through great efforts over the years to bury this information, and have even apparently disseminated disinformation agents to help keep it that way. However, the word is coming around, and with such attention being drawn to Rodin by the Nikola Tesla-inspired and Elon Musk-fueled mathematical/electrical forefront–it seems like the time for public understanding of these esoteric principles is getting closer and closer. 

Author’s Note: Giving his commendation to The Last American Vagabond, researcher Jamie Buturff offered us his recently posted YouTube video, explaining just exactly how his YouTube channel had become blocked for seemingly no reason. Unfortunately, the answer here is not exactly reasonable, and involves a list of allegedly hundreds of YouTube channels and websites, et cetera, in the ambiguous “order approving stipulation” in the details of a divorce court settlement between none other than Leonard G Horowitz and his wife, Jacqueline Lindenbach. Over two hundred websites unrelated to Horowitz and Lindenbach were curiously censored by court order of this “order approving stipulation” due to the material on these sites that was deemed to have some sort of relationship to the material put forth by Horowitz’s company, “The Royal Bloodline of David, LLC”, and Lindenbach’s, “The Manifestation of Divine Will, LLC”. 

In short, this is nothing short of further proof that Horowitz is a disinformation agent for some “Alphabet Agency,” seeking to gather material on independent researchers in order to censor and silence them–especially when they call into question Horowitz’s bogus research and false claims. To quote Buturff on the matter:

“My YouTube channel was blocked in the USA via an Idaho court order in a divorce between Leonard G. Horowitz and his ex-wife…

“How do dozens of people, and over 200 websites and pages have their freedom of speech blocked, deleted, or taken down in a Leonard Horowitz divorce court order in 2014? Well, I guess the 528 love wasn’t working so instead had to bribe a judge. Ya think?” 

Buturff’s YouTube video explaining the matter can be viewed here:

The Last American Vagabond will continue to report the updates of this story as they come.

Sources: http://vbm.isteaching.com/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN2LBO8wig8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pvuTZ5u6Kg&list=PLd8nNT6sz_QcT3_Svg3qIB3X-LhUrBvnGhttps://www.scribd.com/doc/202351974/Spiritual-Results-Music-Studyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDRaCTVO67w&list=PL21257F2621425450&index=3, http://unhypnotize.com/other-conspiracies/7297-len-horowitz-dark-doctor-disguise-remains-vatican-shill.htmlhttp://www.arcticbeacon.com/greg/headlines/len-horowitz-a-dark-doctor-in-disguise-remains-a-vatican-shill/, http://www.atrueott.com/, http://www.panaceatech.org/Marco%20Rodin%20Coils.pdf, https://www.scribd.com/doc/202352187/The-A-432-Chakras

Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

12 Replies to “Jamie Buturff, 432 Hertz & the Suppression of Pythagorean Mathematics

  1. great article, might i suggest mentioning that the standard tuning for instruments in other countries is different from america, I’m unsure if it is 440 but they definitely have a different protocol for pitch.

  2. You are correct. But the site is called the Last “American” Vagabond after all, and this is meant to be just an introduction to get people interested in the topic. There is an incredibly massive amount of information that I wish I could’ve put in here, but decided to leave out because I wanted to make it a quick read. Individual research is always recommended! thanks for the reading/commenting.

  3. Re: ( that his official research-oriented YouTube channel is literally blocked for viewing in America) At the bottom of the page in u-tube just set the content location for united Kingdom…Easy peasy I am in America and i am now subscribed to
    Jamie Buturff, along with 5,700 other u-tubers.

  4. Can anyone explain the ‘5 chakra points’ idea mentioned in the 3rd paragraph of this article – “… Actually, Jamie has validated and brought to light the hertz translation of the all five of the chakra points…”

    There are 7 Chakras listed immediately below this paragraph. I am confused.

    Perhaps the grammar of the sentence in question is in need of correcting as well? I’d really like to understand what is being said here.

  5. your rap about Horowitz is harsh. he actually discovered something hidden one step further from his understanding of harmonics ,try this 27
    243 do you see the good doctors numbers in the last column reading downwards
    741 852 963
    i know that makes sense to you
    every other number he states are these flipped but in those three groups just like on your telephone
    i say he is wrong about solfeggio notes but not guilty of pourposely misleading people

  6. also 432 is most significant as a starting point then we must divide the octave between there and 864 and have an instrument that can perfectly play those intervals to really get the benefit of a piece of music played in quote unquote 432 unfortunately you can’t just tune your A string to 432 and get the effect ….so how do you get an instrument to play those exact fractal numbers needed to generate the harmonic experience you claim is possible .Good question……fretless instruments digital instruments and modified acoustic instruments and melodic instruments from around the world mostly fretless (like the oud ) or with movable frets like the citar lets us take the road less traveled

  7. Thank you for this article and the associated links. I’m looking forward to digging into Jamie’s work and discoveries more.

  8. Now explain to me. A perfect fifth which is 1.49… over 1. Whether you tune A=440 or A=432, that 1.49 over 1 is going to be EXACTLY the same. The way the frequencies “rub” against each other will be EXACTLY the same. There is no difference between 440 and 432. In A=440, that makes the E directly above = 659.26. Now, if you divide 659.56 by 440, you get 1.49831818182. In A=432, that makes the E directly above = 647.273454545. Now, you divide by 432… you get 1.49831818182. Looks familiar? (A and E directly above form a perfect fifth, the most consonant interval other than a unison/octave). Anyone want to enlighten me?

    1. It’s been a while since I wrote this article and have done quite a bit of growing since then. i am no expert in this subject–perhaps some of these statements herein are misnomers. it was a one-off article and since then my research has become much more scrutinizing and specialized. if you would like to see where my research rests these days, check out the chapters of DIVE MANUAL posted to Vagabond homepage. best of luck with your personal studies, and thanks for commenting

  9. Quantum-grammar for the balance of the frequency is with the balance-thought and emotion of the gravitational and electrical-field within the body by this verbal-correct-statement-expression. For the song-emotion out of us in balance with communication and energy. Forwards and backwards with math and grammar.

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