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James Corbett And James Evan Pilato Discuss PedoGate And Trump’s Connection

Despite the massive effort to create an air of absurdity around the ongoing citizen investigation into the prevalence of pedophilia at the highest levels of power–that which was once called PizzaGate, or PedoGate, yet was heavily censored and derailed for obvious reasons–the truth continues to leak out around the seams of this festering government cesspool of abuse and corruption.

In the most recent episode of New World Next Week, James Corbett and James Evan Pilato discuss the Trump campaign chair who was just arrested for child sex trafficking, Trump’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein, and the many different verifiable cases that suggest a very serious coverup over the years, as well as one currently under way.

It is imperative that everyone simply take the time to look at the evidence presented in this episode, as well as the extensive coverage on The Last American Vagabond, and ask themselves if they still feel that a situation (like that which was seen with Dennis Hastert) is impossible. The question is not if you feel “PizzaGate” is real, or whether or not Hillary Clinton is hiding kids in a pizza parlor basement, as that is the deception, the painfully over-simplified story designed to make anyone recoil in astonishment. But rather, ask yourself if it could be possible that certain individuals and their disgusting proclivities are being hidden for any number of reasons. Most logically of which would be to avoid a scandal, yet there are much more sinister possibilities that those involved in this research are starkly aware of. 

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