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Israel Caught Changing Story On #RafahMassacre Numerous Times & Gaza Pier Operations Suspended

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/29/24).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(41) The Last American Vagabond on X: “We can now add @Twitch to the long list of platforms that have censored @TLAVagabond with no warning or justification. I do not know anyone else censored from as many platforms as The Last American Vagabond. It is objective non-partisan work that truly scares them. #Censorship https://t.co/Y4O5xPCY8X” / X
(41) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Another day, another act of financial censorship carried out against The Last American Vagabond, today by @stripe. Since they updated their terms of service in April of 2024 they suddenly claim I’m in violation. We provide a clear service, yet they claim it’s crowdfunding. https://t.co/wSqK1IveKH” / X
Payout settings | Buy Me a Coffee
New Prosecutor Assigned to Case of David Hamblin, Admitted Child Abuser, Right As Charges May Be Dropped on Thursday
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(11) SmartAlex on X: “@davidicke Sure he will 🙄 – Meanwhile shaking his ‘Campaign Doner Tin’ for ‘Killer Zionist Shekels’ #GazaGenocide‌ https://t.co/QHvinKXpD1” / X
(11) George on X: “BREAKING: President Trump just told Tim Pool that he will be looking to prosecute Anthony Fauci and others who committed crimes against humanity with Covid Understand that when Trump says “considering”, it means he will do it, he has to be vague while in campaign mode https://t.co/OUBv2DiwlW” / X
(18) Gavin Newsom on X: “Please read this:” / X
repugnant to the constitution it is null – Brave Search
(21) Global Press on X: “WATCH: Trump say’s “they’re not wrong” after crowd chants “genocide Joe” at Trump rally https://t.co/qI9gD1DoZ8” / X
(20) Quds News Network on X: “Speaking to a room full of predominantly Jewish donors, Donald Trump assured them that if re-elected, he would crush pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses, which he described as part of a “radical revolution.” Trump vowed to set the movement “back 25 or 30 years” if https://t.co/J1rHezJ2gm” / X
(27) MintPress News on X: ““If you get me re-elected, we’re going to set that movement back 25 or 30 years.” Yesterday, Donald Trump vowed to a group of wealthy donors that if re-elected, he would “crush” the nation’s pro-Palestine movement. The former US President also pledged to “defeat” protesters who https://t.co/n8mtd1GW2S” / X
(26) Thomas Massie on X: “Ma’am, you voted to send those bombs to Israel.” / X
(25) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Find out below what @NikkiHaley wrote on missiles currently burning children alive.” / X
(11) Carey on X: “100% accurate election prediction! CRAZY, how do I know who’s going to win in November?! 🤪✨ https://t.co/ZDMBqwKhpC” / X
(20) Patrick Henningsen on X: “@elonmusk Such a profound poll! What fanatic insights, we can glean so much from this revelation. Pinch me, I must be in the presence of intellectual greatness. So interesting.” / X
Sal The Agorist Interview – Anarchy, Agorism & The Illusion Of Government
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(27) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@mikepompeo It is sure a core part of someone’s strategy.. can you guess who? Meanwhile, we get “trust me” allegations from known liars, like yourself, while disregarding decades of documentation. The Open Secret Of Israel’s Use Of Human Shields https://t.co/E045HuxAz5 https://t.co/SSeUjQwG77″ / X
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Israel & US Disregard ICJ’s “Binding” “International Legal Obligations” In Pursuit Of Gaza Genocide
Israel Deliberately Bombs Area In Rafah Where IDF Told Civilians They’d Be Safe From Rafah Operation
(23) ED🔻 on X: “@AliAbunimah @IDF Here is the block marked in red.” / X
(23) Lt. Col. (R) Peter Lerner on X: “Evolution of #FakeNews and mass manipulation by Hamas. One quote in @washingtonpost coverage of the strike on Hamas terrorists in #Rafah caught my eye this morning. “𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙛𝙩 𝙘𝙖𝙢𝙥 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣 𝘽𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙠 2371, 𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙖 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 https://t.co/ZmBgR2x1b4” / X
Robert Inlakesh Interview – The Ongoing Rafah Massacre, Oct. 7 Detainees/Hostages & Is Iran Next?
(23) Assaf, MD on X: “Israel meant to hit those two tents in the red box by their admission. They ended up incinerating everyone and everything inside the blue box. Today’s statement by the IDF added zero new information. The rocket launcher has no evidence of fire or soot even in their satellite… https://t.co/lJchmstHDb” / X
(23) Assaf, MD on X: “5/26 at 11:01 am Within 9 hours and 44 min everyone inside the blue box would be incinerated. I complied a thread of all the satellite imaging available. #Gaza #AllEyesOnRafah #Israel https://t.co/A8KH5hRxub” / X
(23) Muhammad Shehada on X: “48 hours later & not a single mainstream media outlet covered Israeli soldiers mass burning civilian homes in Rafah with immense satisfaction & joy! Imagine those were Hamas militants posing for such pics at Israelis kibbutzim, how many “Arab savagery” headlines would there be? https://t.co/nc0SfM3tH5″ / X
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Israel faces new condemnation over Rafah strikes | AP News
Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu acknowledges ‘tragic mishap’ in strike on Rafah that killed dozens | AP News
(23) Daniella Modos – Cutter -SEN on X: “BREAKING| UN relief chief, Martin Griffiths, says responding to a comment by Netanyahu describing the massacre in Rafah yesterday as a “mistake”, that “To call it “a mistake” is a message that means nothing for those killed, those grieving, and those trying to save lives.” https://t.co/35K8bGfsMF” / X
(18) Khalissee on X: “This is the Hypocrisy of Netanyahu. IN ENGLISH: Rafah Massacre was a “Tragic Mistake” IN HEBREW: He calls for a “Final Solution until Extermination is Complete.” https://t.co/DzUAsJ2O4r” / X
(18) Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו on X: “אני לא מתייאש ולא מוותר עד לניצחון המוחלט של ישראל 🇮🇱 https://t.co/6cpBo7Sl6T” / X
(18) Piers Morgan on X: “I’m very sorry.. that Netanyahu called it a ‘tragic mistake.’” / X
(23) Ben Norton on X: “@Israel The last time Israel published one of these bogus “recordings”, it was so obviously fake that even British state media outlet Channel 4 investigated and concluded it was a “fabrication”. This is how desperate it is to justify bombing ambulances in Gaza. https://t.co/1fyyCky9Dd” / X
(23) Israel Defense Forces on X: “🔴UNCOVERED: 1.5km long terrorist tunnel route in eastern Rafah containing dozens of anti-tank missiles and weapons was dismantled. Only 100 meters from the Rafah Crossing, our soldiers located a tunnel shaft branching into several different routes that contained several blast https://t.co/OtOHCy2a78” / X
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(23) Assal Rad on X: “Reporter: We’re seeing tanks in Rafah, we’ve seen strikes kill civilians including children, for an American seeing their tax $ go to this, can you explain how this isn’t a major military operation? Kirby: I am not the IDF spokesman and this is not Tel Aviv Could have fooled me https://t.co/XzNprPQ0GQ” / X
(23) Decensored News on X: “🚩 GENOCIDAL WORD GAMES Miller today said that the US supports Israel’s ongoing use of “American-provided weapons” in Rafah as long as they don’t conduct a “full-scale military operation” — something he claims has (still) not yet occurred. However, when pressed a few weeks ago… https://t.co/C9jzmOB2Tg” / X
(20) Daniella Modos – Cutter -SEN on X: “Exclusive footage from Al Jazeera shows Israeli occupation tanks advancing further into the west of Rafah city. The Israeli occupation intends to fully occupy the Philadelphi Axis with Egypt, effectively encircling the Strip and implementing disastrous restrictions. https://t.co/HuzWGFTBGZ” / X
(20) Younis Tirawi | يونس on X: “Israeli military has intensified its attack on Rafah, entering central neighborhoods & besieging Tel Sultan area from east Overnight, the military massacred 16 people in the city, incl a family of 7 people just meters away from the massacre 2 days ago. 4 are women & children https://t.co/s6xfn3J1OT” / X
(24) Assal Rad on X: “Propaganda Reality https://t.co/dszBcsLNUS” / X
US-made munitions used in deadly strike on Rafah tent camp, CNN analysis shows | CNN
(23) Abdullah H. Hammoud on X: “Nearly 50 massacred yesterday in Rafah – not a bloodbath. 7 killed in Ukraine – bloodbath. The dehumanization of Palestinians continues with support of the mainstream media. https://t.co/NlRSRVt0hq” / X
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(24) Noura Erakat on X: “Babies felt their skin melt off before asphyxiating, yet US media asks about how Zionists feel. This isnt about @NewsHour but about the pervasive racial logic that devalues Palestinian life. #Gaza #Genocide #Nakba #Zionism #Rafah #Palestinian #Liberation https://t.co/YrZ8NYNiYc” / X
(24) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@Davidmarroyo77 @MichaelRapaport Is that the best you have? That’s pathetic. https://t.co/8PRoujJ9Rm” / X
(24) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@MichaelRapaport What if that was your child Michael? You are a soulless monster. Oh, and those hostages you pretend to care about likely also got killed by the same indiscriminate bombing. That anyone has to explain that to you is ridiculous. But you likely know and don’t care. Soulless monster.” / X
(24) Oct7factcheck.com on X: “Israel has called it’s civilian death ratio “tremendously positive” and “unique in the world”. With our newly published dataset, we can now compare child casualty ratios in Israel and Gaza. (Note: In raw numbers Israel has killed >300x more children). https://t.co/GhaNQRrV42″ / X
Airtable – Oct 7 Data Consolidated
Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel – reported impact | Day 236 | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – occupied Palestinian territory
(24) Aviva Klompas on X: “465 trucks of humanitarian aid went into Gaza yesterday. 0 hostages came out.” / X
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(25) Naftali Bennett נפתלי בנט on X: “Big news. The IDF has secured the “Philadelphi Corridor” which separates Egypt from the Gaza Strip. This means that we can block the influx of weapons and ammunition from the Sinai into Hamas’ hands. Israel will continue to let in food and medical supplies, but no more” / X
Blinken calls for clear Gaza plan as Israeli official says war could last all year – The Washington Post
Camp David Accords – Wikipedia
United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 – Wikipedia
The ‘Greater Israel’ Scheme and Its Global Power Play: A Delusional Recipe for Armageddon
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(24) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@RepBrianMast Why do you only care about the Israeli-Americans Brian, while you’ve yet to say one word about the Palestinian-Americans that are trapped in Gaza, right now? Are they less American to you since they are Palestinian? Or because they are not Israeli? https://t.co/juF4TJ9FDB” / X
(24) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@EylonALevy Are you sure Israel is not involved in the smuggling operation? #EylonLevyLies https://t.co/wCsgR2qPhN” / X
(24) Rep. Brian Mast on X: “Joe Biden sent more than $730 MILLION of your tax dollars to UNRWA — which employed the terrorists that took part in the October 7th attack. Joe Biden spent $312 MILLION of your tax dollars to build a port in Gaza so that Hamas could replenish its stockpile. Notice a pattern?” / X
Israel yet to provide evidence to back UNRWA 7 October attack claims – UN | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian
(24) Dr Lens Veritatis on X: “🚨BREAKING: Israeli Government evicts #UNRWA, sending it a $7 million bill “for operating on land belonging to Israel without consent for the last seven years”. It demands UNRWA “stop any illegal use, destroy everything you have built in violation of the law” #Gaza #Israel https://t.co/NQKG1n5nff” / X
Israel Land Authority orders UNRWA to evacuate Jerusalem premises within 30 days for lease violations | The Times of Israel
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(23) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Breaking: Scenes from the site of the displaced persons’ tents bombing, another massacre committed by the Israeli army at dawn today, just one day after the first massacre. The number of victims has risen to 7, and they are: 1. Issam Tanboura 2. Manal Tanboura 3. Issam https://t.co/tS2FUdUsp1” / X
(25) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “Total of charred bodies evacuated so far reached 66.. For the second night, Israeli occupation forces attack and burn tents of displaced people in #Rafah! #RafahUnderAttack‌ #StopGazaGenocide https://t.co/SppnTOWQEZ” / X
(25) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “Israeli apache is now opening fire somewhere in #Gaza from above our heads.. A number of journalists trying to convey the message from #Gaza in very dangerous conditions! Pray for us..” / X
(27) Motasem A Dalloul on X: “Breaking news Two people have been KILLED and 20 others INJURED in #Israeli_bombing near WFP’s food warehouse in #Rafah! #RafahUnderAttack” / X
(25) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Breaking. An Israeli airstrike targets UN food storage facilities east of Rafah City. https://t.co/0VgcQWUyIA” / X
(20) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Breaking: The Israeli army has imposed a siege on Al-Yemen Al-Saeed Hospital, which shelters thousands of patients and displaced persons in the Jabalia refugee camp.” / X
(21) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “**Graphic | Harsh Scene..** Israeli snipers execute a young man who tried to flee in the Jabalia refugee camp. https://t.co/NuBRzSQQE3” / X
(25) Pelham on X: “BREAKING🚨 The IDF has used a drone to target journalists trying to cover the massacres taking place in Rafa… Red Crescent is blocked from saving the journalists.. they don’t want the world to witness their war crimes..🇵🇸💔 https://t.co/uP4RkpsLbG” / X
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(21) The Last American Vagabond on X: “TLAV cover the incident where a Palestinian man was branded with the star of David back on August 23, 2023. And it was clear then that the Israeli government was lying. Stay ahead with @TLAVagabond. https://t.co/gFpzvge7ir” / X
Israeli Forces Execute Palestinians In The West Bank, Prompting Shootings Against Settlers – The Last American Vagabond
Police Deny Imprinting Star of David on Palestinian Detainee’s Face, Say Wound Caused by Shoe – Israel News – Haaretz.com
(25) Haaretz.com on X: “Seven Israeli cops expected to be tried for stamping Star of David on Palestinian’s face last August https://t.co/Y19AK62ZDV” / X
Seven Israeli Cops Expected to Be Tried for Stamping Star of David on Palestinian’s Face – Israel News – Haaretz.com
(27) Melody on X: “@Lowkey0nline Israeli Policemen beat up a Palestinian resident of Shuafat refugee camp, covered his face, tied him up, punched him and seard a Star of David on his face. 16 police officers with 16 body cams- all malfunctioned. One Palestinian with a tattooed Star of David. August 2023 https://t.co/xG7W1nxQ1s” / X
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(27) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده on X: “Fatou Bensouda closed the ICC’s Mavi Marmara investigation after the Mossad chief threatened to expose her husband and jeopardize her career, promising future support if she complied. She is now Gambia’s ambassador to the UK. https://t.co/iy7owfB5Sn” / X
(27) Muhammad Shehada on X: “A reminder: Israel’s now-revealed dirty intimidation & blackmail campaign against the ICC prosecutor did actually work initially as Fatou Bensouda closed down the Mavi Marmara case against Israel & dragged her feet for 5 years on opening an investigation in Palestine, then sent https://t.co/alNCZE0I6b” / X
Surveillance and interference: Israel’s covert war on the ICC exposed
(27) Pelham on X: “Remember Judge Julia Sebutinde was the only person to vote against all 6 ICJ provisional measures to protect Palestinians in Gaza…? Well it turns out MOSSAD Spy Yossi Cohen has been threatening their families…🇮🇱 https://t.co/KkQPzc23Uo” / X
(27) Dr Lens Veritatis on X: “🚨BREAKING: Following the #Rafah massacre, Netanyahu attacks the #ICC and the World Court: “A thousand good people in the Hague cannot stand…. against the moral justice of our path” #Gaza #Israel #Palestina #FreePalestina https://t.co/bRoRbTATap” / X
(27) Dyor on X: “FIrst and Former #ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno on attacks threats to the #ICC Prosecutor @KarimKhanQC ” … In the US they impeached President #Nixon and impeached President #Trump for interfering with justice. Interfering with justice is a crime is similar at the Global https://t.co/tCfqTbEczk” / X
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(27) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@RepBrianMast Do you see you’re getting ratio’d on every ridiculous thing you post? It’s because you’re cartoonish about the way you push your lies. “Replenish their war stockpile”? You mean with the weapons they’ve delivered to Israel? Since Israel funds Hamas maybe.. https://t.co/YTymfTUhC0 https://t.co/kpnmn86JKz” / X
(27) Suppressed News. on X: “Part of the 320$ Million US pier floated and drifted to Ashdod and when they sent a vessel to retrieve it, the vessel got stuck next to the pier part. You literally can’t make this up. This is how the U.S spends American taxpayer dollars. https://t.co/HWdpg0T3AX https://t.co/bRZ65MiCxw” / X
(27) Arnaud Bertrand on X: “Haaretz: “The US army is expected to announce the end of operations for the floating dock it built off Gaza”, after the dock collapsed. $320 million for nothing… The irony of Biden building this to save face for his unequivocal support of Israel and it ends up like this…” / X
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(28) The Last American Vagabond on X: “#Zionism strives to create strife and division, especially amongst Jews, in order to exploit everyone, but in particular the Jewish population. But the world has awakened to this ploy. #ZionismIsAntisemitism https://t.co/DVaYpsZcUt” / X
People vs Empire: World Wide Revolution Against Tyranny, Oppression & Zionism Framed As Antisemitism
David Icke Interview – Zionist Infiltration Of Judaism, Weaponized Migration & Mainstream Alt Media
(27) Adam Bandt on X: “Today the Greens will move in Parliament to recognise the state of Palestine. https://t.co/xEfTpAshux” / X
(27) Dr Lens Veritatis on X: “🚨BREAKING: Spanish PM recognises East Jerusalem as the capital of #Palestine, directly challenging #Israel after its FM barred the current Spanish embassy from serving Palestinians. A Spanish embassy in East Jerusalem is imminent! #Gaza #Palestina https://t.co/wqbbx5xzE3” / X
(27) ADAM on X: “BREAKING: 🇮🇱 Israeli foreign minister describes recognition of the Palestinian State as “Complicity in incitement to genocide of Jews. What gives these demons the right to deny 2.3million people statehood in their ancestral lands? https://t.co/rhlBbXlGny” / X
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(27) Alon Mizrahi I without equality there’s no freedom on X: “It is 2024 and you may have to risk your life to be free, or for others to be safe from harm. Risking all for freedom and dignity is nothing new. And anyone would be a fool to think that just because we have internet and mobile phones with cameras and satellites something” / X
(30) Matt Orfalea on X: “”The Laws of War” https://t.co/jW950QDSXk” / X

Late Additions:

The 235th day of the war The Islamic Jihad published a video of the abducted Sasha Trupanov – War in the South – Updates – Haaretz
(22) Aviva Klompas on X: “Turns out @UNRWA has been occupying land in East Jerusalem. How’s that for irony? The UN agency owes over $7 million for using property belonging to Israel without consent for the last seven years.” / X
(26) Caroline Glick on X: “This is what a world war against the Jewish people looks like. Flames, murder, beatings, humiliation, discrimination, flames, murder, beatings….” / X
Horrific Israeli Massacre Of Civilians Exposed At Al-Shifa & Israel Attacks Iranian Embassy In Syria
Are the Violations of Mexican and Iranian Embassies a Sign of a ‘New Normal’ in Diplomatic Relations?
NYT Investigation: Israel Used ‘Most Destructive’ Bombs in Areas Designated as Safe in South Gaza Strip – Israel News – Haaretz.com
Mossad Chief Visited Doha, Urged Qatar to Continue Hamas Financial Aid – Middle East News – Haaretz.com


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