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Hell On Earth: Saudi Airstrikes Continue Attacking Civilians In Yemen

Yemenis truly live in hell on earth as US-backed Saudi airstrikes continue attacking civilian areas.

No Yemeni province is entirely immune to air attacks whether from the United States or Saudi Arabia. Saada province, however, falls victim to high levels of strikes both in frequency and intensity.

Hell on Earth: The Terrorist US-backed Saudi Airstrike Campaign in Yemen

Massacres and attacks on homes are common. Saudi warplanes struck a home on Friday killing a small child. Saudi border guards killed another civilian in Saada. Additional strikes in the same province struck a court building and damaged several other homes.

Just before Christmas, US-backed warplanes attacked a home in Saada killing and injuring over 20 civilians. A few days ago, airstrikes targeted a Bedouin tribe in the same province killing two people as well as livestock.


Over ten US-backed Saudi airstrikes targeted different portions of Dhamar province striking a sports stadium, technical institute, a police camp, and other areas. According to YemenExtra, the strikes completely destroyed the stadium’s infrastructure as well as the laboratories in the technical institute.

Additional attacks raided parts of Marib and Hodeidah province. The Saudi-led coalition recently increased air strike intensity in Hodeidah where they are attempting to take territory from Yemeni resistance forces. Last month, US-backed Saudi warplanes murdered over 20 civilians in Hodeidah when over 30 strikes targeted a multi-family home and farm.

It is not uncommon for additional Saudi airstrikes to target media personnel and rescue workers entering the scene — even after a large massacre.

The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis Thanks to the United States and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia launched their devastating war against Yemen in March of 2015 with military support from the United States.


Their goal? Prop-up the Saudi puppet government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi who has no public support anywhere throughout Yemen.

Far from being a mere ally, the United States has troops stationed in Yemen assisting Saudi and Emirati-backed forces. The US also provides intelligence support to Riyadh for locating airstrike targets. This means that Washington is directly complicit in carrying out war crimes against civilians in Yemen.

Saudi airstrikes in Yemen typically target homes, markets, factories, hospitals, cars, and more.

In addition to military force, tens of thousands more have died as a result of the ongoing siege and blockade which restricts land, sea, and air imports, exports, and flow of movement. Nearly 8 million Yemenis face famine and another 17 million face food insecurity. Medical supplies are scarce which gives people with chronic conditions like diabetes or cancer a death sentence.

Several thousand have died due to a cholera outbreak which infected roughly one million since April of 2017.



Randi Nord
Randi Nord is a journalist and co-founder of Geopolitics Alert. She covers U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East with a special focus on Yemen.

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